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The nice and cool thing about the world of fashion and design is to see how new creators begin to stand out in an industry full of talent and competition, thanks in part to their avant-garde creations. Well, that’s the case of jewellery designer and founder of his eponymous brand, Hugo Kreit, with which he is already gaining prominence in cities such as Paris.

Founded in 2020, established in the French capital (Paris) and considering jewellery as a meeting point between the body and art, H.K. is positioned as one of the most transgressive eponymous jewellery brands of the moment.

Regarding its pieces, composed mostly of earrings, necklaces and rings, these are characterised by being unique, but above all for being 100% handmade in France. In addition, we have to highlight the unconventional materials and finishes that Hugo adds to each item, thus exploring the relationship between the organic and the artificial and questioning the boundaries of taste, the limits of what is acceptable and the ambiguity between the monstrous and the marvellous. The special touch of these jewels? Undoubtedly the vibrant colours and the designs (some of them) inspired by the world of fantasy and tribals.

Check out the gallery to see two of Hugo Kreit’s latest collections (SS22 and SS21) in full and let us know if you agree with us that this jewellery brand is going to be a hit.

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