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Dean and Dan Caten are possibly the most active duo in the fashion industry. Their purpose of keeping themselves young no matter their age, taking part of the parties, afterhours and raves, connecting with the next generations’ reality and their codes to relate between them trying not to stay out of the game. Thanks to it, they are able to pass their worries and the direction of the youngest ones.


That spirit drove them to create a collection where everything goes aroun Chinese culture, the postcolonial vibe and they muay thai aesthetic, including their boxers with its scrunched waistline.

Tiger and peacock prints paint a selection of pieces of Dsquared2‘s SS20, both menswear a womenswear, being the parka that opened the show in Milano the most eyecatching creation. Khakis and beiges on a side, and a notorious presence of black designs in leather and transparent tops, also remarkable the use of flower printed silk pieces, their likes for denim, or the kimono-like robes for men and women. The MiG soviet combat suit in electric blue catched the looks of the assistants to the event.

Dsquared2 SS20

But without a doubt, the piece that will sold out the fastes is the Bruce Lee conmemorative tee. The communion with the rest of the pieces’ aura by the Catens closes the Chinese circle in which the whole SS20 Dsquared2’s  men&women identity will be encompassed.

Be Dsquared2 my friend.