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Summer is over, HIGHSHOUT. is back. This new edition is played by the relaxed notes that float from the saxophone of Calvin Omari (@calvin0mari), producer, singer and saxophonist. A complete musician whose life has been a path full of new experiences in different countries, but always guided by his vocation.

So he tells Sergio Pontier y Gooseed, the collaborators at the head of HIGHSHOUT, to accompany the new shooting that continues this series of interviews with racialized artists and creatives.

Calvin Omari

Highxtar (H) – Who are you and what do you do?

Calvin Omari (CO) – I’m Calvin, I’m a musician and an English teacher.

(H) – What is your story, where do you come from?

(CO) – I’m from the USA, son of an American father and a Jamaican mother. I grew up in the gospel church playing the saxophone, played football since I was 8 years old and studied Art and Architecture in college. I worked in an architecture studio for two and a half years, and in that time I was in different bands playing saxophone. But I wanted to do more experimental things, so I quit my job and went to Quebec to work on a farm, learn French and concentrate on my music. Then I moved to Logroño to teach English as a teacher, then I was an au pair in Paris, and then I moved to Madrid to do more music and be a teacher.  I signed a music contract in October 2020.

Highshout 4

(H) – How would you describe your art?

(CO) – My friend Nick invited me to play saxophone one night, it was my first time playing outside the church. After that I played in a lot of bands, but I wanted to go further and started doing more things with music and my ideas.

Calvin Omari Highshout

Sergio Pontier & Goosed

(H) – How is your relationship with music?

(CO) – It’s something I feel. It has no rules. It’s just magic.

Calvin Omari x Highxtar

(H) – How do you live music today?

(CO) – I work a lot with my friends Neal, Eric and Jack to make music and projects.  This is my life.  I’m trying to emotionally touch all the people who listen to me.


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