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Forwards is boring‘, Desigual‘s new campaign, gives a radical twist to our way of seeing things, adding creativity, madness and that spirit of rupture and fun that the brand proclaims.


Desigual‘s latest madness makes it clear that the brand is not governed at all by logic. From spinning the logo to flooding the streets with messages designed to be read in selfie mode, the label demonstrates moving in a terrain where everything is possible and where normal is boring.


Forwards is boring’ is Desigual’s first manifesto campaign. A presentation of its brand philosophy and its way of seeing life that gives way to backward thinking. It is a creative working methodology that is governed by the logic of illogic. Yes, purely Desigual: to turn life’s problems upside down, to explore different points of view and, in short, to create an environment where creativity flows organically and freedom is a constant mantra. Because sometimes, in order to move forward, it is necessary to go backwards. It may seem like nonsense to you, but perhaps this is precisely the indication that we are talking about something new, about a radically different vision.

“A change of image is the result of a change of mentality. And today, we are ready to share ours with the world in the form of a manifesto”. Guillem Gallego, Chief Marketing Officer Desigual.

As a result, campaign video is a patchwork of creativity where different talents come together to give life to an idea and translate it into audiovisual format. Guided by the locution of Julia Herrero, only 8 years old, we attend a show of spontaneity and freshness that makes us refute the logical ideas that sometimes guide us too much in life. What if being like children we express much better what we feel?

Enjoy the complete campaign on Desigual.