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Shoop (@shoopclothing) with a Spanish and Japanese soul presented its SS21 collection this week at Tokyo Fashion Week. The letter of introduction read “What a Wonderful World” and the lyrics of Bob Thiele and George David Weiss from 1967 under the fingerprint of two hands. With this, Miriam Sanz and Yohei Oki -founders and creative directors- gave a clue about the imaginary of their proposal: an optimistic look to the future on an ode to the small details of life.

Setting the scene for the parade, Seiho and conceptual artist Manami Kakudo mixed their talents to give rhythm to the parade in the Japanese capital. Electronic music is an intrinsic element in the Shoop culture that is always present, Yohei is not only a DJ, but also a trackmaker. The designer includes this influence in each of his collections. The abyss between the western and the eastern is diluted in the signature resulting in a unique and avant-garde aesthetic that empowers the futurism and streetwear.

“What a Wonderful World” experiences the more sustainable side of fashion with upcycling manufacturing systems and patchwork that is invested in 20% of SS21 pieces. Both focus on the reuse of discarded garments and remnants to provide them with a second life. In this way, it reflects on the aggressive condition of fashion on the environment.

Of course, the Covid-19 has been represented with masks and personal insulation accessories. It is very important to value the work of Miriam and Yohei during the March confinement in our country. The designer duo manufactured from home and distributed masks altruistically to hospitals in Madrid.

Accentuating the look towards the collection, we must emphasize the creation of gears, detachable arms and the presence of multiple pockets. The futuristic streetwear aesthetic was interspersed with more traditional two-piece suits. Visible stitching details and infinite zippers elevated the energy and potential of the garments. Knits and bright transparencies gave the garments an interesting space in the looks. The color black and camel defined the neutral look of the collection.

Some of the storage accessories were already visible in the FW18 collection, such as the XXL leather fanny pack with two pockets and a top zipper. Shoop also presented the footwear line designed by Gonzalo Pinelo and the collaboration with Asics, which is already a classic.