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SOPHIE, the loss of a star and the stagnation of pop music

A few days ago the internet was ablaze with the death of Sophie Xeon, a Scottish singer, DJ and producer who was a milestone in the music industry, especially in pop.

Sisters with Transistors, the documentary about the pioneers of electronic music

Sisters with Transistors is Lisa Rovner’s documentary that tells the origin of electronic music through the stories of its pioneers.

Cora Novoa presents the premiere of “Mental Diary AV Live”

Cora Novoa presenta la premiére de “Mental Diary AV Live” por primera vez en España el próximo sábado 13 de abril en LOFT

Cora Novoa is back with Mental Diary

Cora Novoa, is releasing “Our Words have brought us this far. Only our actions will take us further”, the first act of his trilogy, “Mental Diary” on November 23rd.

Sonar 2018 | Countdown…

We were counting the days for what will be the 25th anniversary of the festival of festivals: SONAR. Now we have the final line-up.

We talk w/ Cora Novoa from SKTVT

Today we talk with the producer, designer and artist Cora Novoa, SKTVT creative director and pioneer of the “concept brand” in our country, Spain.