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SHOOP presents its preview for Fall Winter 2020 season. This time, the collection has as its mainreference sunrise, from a literal and conceptual point of view. The protagonist is an elegant and romanticman in which the elements of the tailoring are reinterpreted and replaced for current ones.


Something as intangible as a sunrise is materialized in this Lookbook, which gathers the work of the firm in a series of portraits of the SHOOP uniform, while we are pierced by the look of the models.

Although the suit is the main element, the collection is also made up of “shoe cover” pants,double-breasted shirts –where piercings become twins or tie pins–, garments composed of several layers, cuts and frayed and with chains and handmade leather coats. And they are combined with cracked prints, brocade fabrics and the already classic technical fabrics in strong colors. The stylism is closed with asics.

The graphic part revolves, this time, around the tribal sun and the idea of dawn as the symbol of rebirthand vitality, that has been a central theme in various cultures throughout history. On the other hand, thecolors that predominate in the collection are brown, black, broken white and mustard combined withsmall details in burgundy and blue tones.

SHOOP will unveil the collection completely in its debut at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo on March 21 atits Tokyo Fashion Award 2020 parade.

Photo: ENANEI @enanei