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Tú me dejaste de querer

“Tú me dejaste de querer” enters Billboard’s Global Top 200

After breaking the records of streaming in our country, the recently baptized “El Madrileño” is launched to the international conquest.

These are the MTV EMAs 2020 winners

The 2020 MTV EMAs have already announced their winners, in a very special gala, characterized by technology and virtual performances.

Tu me dejaste de querer

C. Tangana’s best song to date, “Tu me dejaste de querer”, is released

“Tu me dejaste de querer” is the new theme of his next album by C. Tangana which combines rumba and flamenco bases, in short, blessed glory.

Demasiadas mujeres

In the death of C. Tangana there are “Demasiadas mujeres”

C. Tangana has just released her new drop “Demasiadas mujeres”, a track that mixes religious melodies and techno bases.

C. Tangana’s sneakers at Forbes everyone is talking about

C. Tangana has just appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. Given his potential, the artist is considered one of the 100 most creative Spaniards in the business…

Konbanwa is the new work of Sticky M.A.

“Konbanwa” includes 10 new sound surprises from one of the most interesting proposals of the Spanish scene: Sticky M.A.

We talk w/ Paula Cendejas about “Como habla una mujer”

Paula Cendejas has become one of the most relevant singers of the moment. Its media repercussion, as well as its musical versions have placed it at the top. Now he brings us a new bolero in collaboration with our dear C. Tangana: “Como habla una mujer”.

Fabianni compiles the sound of Madrid’s rap in 2000

The producer and main thinker behind Agorazein is back with “Gato”, a Mixtape that compiles and vindicates part of the sound of Madrid’s rap at the beginning of the century.

Israel B brings the Spanish drill into focus

Israel B has shaken the pillars of our country’s trap. Recently he has presented a track that highlights the Drill in Spanish.

The dark side of success in C. Tangana’s “Bien :-(“

C. Tangana proves once again that it is constantly reinventing itself and that labelling it is practically impossible.

Tangana presents his new track: Guille Asesino

Tangana presents Guille asesino which, like the previous one, is produced by Alizzz and, on this occasion, also by the iconic Pional.

The art of dressing an idol by Alex Turrión

El estilista Alex Turrión nos habla de sus referentes en la moda y el arte, así como de la manera en la que ha mantenido en el hype la imagen de C. Tangana.

Sticky M.A. presents “Mami dónde estás?” with Juicy BAE

Sticky M.A. has just presented “Mami Dónde estás?”, a collaboration with the Sevillian Juicy BAE where both shine on a Jambo’s production.

El Madrileño presents “Nunca Estoy” | It’s sad but it’s beautiful

Now El Madrileño returns again in solitary and under the direction of Alizzz with: “Nunca estoy”.

We talk w/ Rocio Aguirre, the eye behind “Vuelve a Casa” from C. Tangana

We talked to Rocío Aguirre about her work, the documentary series she has produced and her experience in America until the apocalypse landed on CDMX.

Reebok introduces Zig Kinetica

Zig Kinetica: a perfect combination of high technology and functional features. In our country the face of this launch is C. Tangana.

C Tangana

C. Tangana froze 2020 and it’s just starting

We were missing these kinda beats from Pucho. “Yelo” is freezing our heart and leaving a deeper message than you can expect.


In the middle of the pre-Christmas aborigine, this weekend we submerge ourselves in the darkness of the best halls and clubs in Barcelona.

“Mixtape” by RTVE, too late?

Just a week ago, Playz de RTVE launched Playz URBANA which, as its name suggests, is a content line dedicated to music and urban culture.

C Tangana and Paloma Mami shouldn’t have kissed

To whole package brought by Antón and Paloma Mami is going to blow your mind if it hasn’t do it yet.

El ron para repartir. A collaboration between Havana Club and C. Tangana

Havana Club launches a limited edition bottle designed by C. Tangana’s team. An exclusive collection inspired by the Cuban aesthetics of the “Para Repartir” videoclip.