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These are the four temperaments of Magliano SS22

Four humoral fluids: Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric. These are the temperaments of Magliano’s Spring/Summer 2022 characters

Magliano FW21: a dualism between death and life

Magliano FW21 is a breath of fresh air for Italian fashion. His garments combine tradition and modernity, past and future, death and life.


Magliano continues his ascent | SS21

A new hit on the table of Magliano that continues to emerge as the future of an increasingly repetitive scene.

Magliano is all about contrast in his FW20 collection

Magliano became one of our must watch designers and his savoir-faire is being well acknowledge by fashionistas and the industry connoisseurs.

Magliano continues his rise focused on tailoring

Magliano presented at the Milan Fashion Week, and just like last season, he made us crazy again.

Magliano FW19 >>> The revelation of MFW

Magliano presented his collection FW19 in Milan and without a doubt – from our point of view – it has been the revelation.