Tag: Yung Beef

HIGHCHART. #17 – Curated By Steve Lean

Steve Lean has become one of the most powerful music producers in our country, with an insatiable present and a promising future.

El Bloque TV | The best television does not appear on TV

‘The Bloque TV’ is presented as a journalistic reference space of outreach and entertainment about urban music in Spanish.

HIGHCHART. #16 – Curated by Brat Star

Brat Star is the sensation of the moment. The Berlin-based DJ has made a name for herself on the international underground scene with eclectic and unique mixes.

C. Tangana cries in the limo

C. Tangana has just presented another hit: “Llorando en la limo”. A track that comes with a video clip that has left us with an open mouth in terms of fashion styling.

Sonidos latinos del futuro | Lizz

Lizz is an artist who joins this movement that is consolidating a new scene in our country where the trap, the dancehall, the Tangana’s style “pop” and now the neo-perreo coexist perfectly.

Bad Gyal presents Worldwide Angel

Bad Gyal climbs on the podium of the most internationally acclaimed artists from our country, with a mixtape singed in three languages that consolidates a style far from the Trap.

C. Tangana, the man of the year

I would be lying if I told you that C. Tangana has arrived where he is by accident, everything that the serious and quiet artist has achieved is not a matter of randomness.

Yung Beef consolidates itself | A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 4

We’ve listened it like ten times in the last few days… and yes, we’re sure, Yung Beef has just shaken the foundations of our country’s trap/reggaeton with his new work.