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Yes, we too are going to put our grain of sand on a network that is reaching collapse thanks to the Coronavirus. Although, in this case, we want to accompany it with humor and relax the social alarm. So, we bring you the ultimate guide to survive the unknown brother of the flu.


Carpe diem

There is nothing like thoughts on the edge of despair that push us to think about last chances, unsaid words or things that have not been done. That is why we encourage you to open up Tinder and regain the sex life you lost long ago. No matter who, not anymore, the end could be near. The reasons that had made you doubt have disappeared.


Let the quarantine catch you at the bar

The Italians have spoken to the Cornavirus, and since it is nighttime to go out the bars will close at six. Don’t forget, the last one at 5:30. In Spain, the hours will be extended to 24 hours. If they decree forced quarantine better to be between beers than between gym machines.

Remember, you have to be the first to arrive for supplies. Prioritize: before the water, the barley. Pray that the Cruzcampo is not the last brand left in the supermarket. “No TV, no beer, Homer’s losing his mind“.


Never before has a subscription saved your life

Netflix, HBO, Filmin or Amazon Prime Video, you’ve never had so much time to enjoy a couch, movie and blanket in an unlimited way. No need to look for great excuses to stay at home, the Coronavirus comes with vacation under your arm. People going out on the TV worried about possible four-day isolation, and us wishing we could wander from the bed to the couch, from the couch to the fridge and back again. It’s time to catch up on the shows everyone’s talking about.


Summer is assured

Belén Padilla, expert in infections visited yesterday the set of Antena3 news to tell us about the Coronavirus. In the meantime, blah, blah, blah, there were some very important words: “the virus in high temperatures its transmission and development decreases“. Therefore, the summer is assured with the Mutual.

When the weather is bad, in Spain, black humour will characterise us for centuries, and it is in the worst situations that our ingenuity comes to the fore. The Twitter account @coronavid19 invites you to laugh at this situation, which is uncontrolled by the media and society.

Online Shopping

There’s no harm that doesn’t come from good. Thanks to new technology and the Internet, life is much easier, especially if the shipments are free. If you’ve never dared to shop online, this is your moment. It’s never too late to become fond of spending money in its infinite forms. It is important not to forget that in the list of distributors you slide to the left in Aliexpress and Alibaba. Inditex will always be the best solution.