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Juicy Couture SS21 takes us back to the 2000s

Juicy Couture launches its SS21 campaign with a proposal full of velvet, rhinestones and new products such as bags and jewelry.

Parade x Juicy Couture: nostalgia dosmilera

Parade x Juicy Couture: 2000’s nostalgy

Parade x Juicy Couture are teaming up to create a collection of two-way underwear inspired by the famous velvet tracksuit brand.

25 of Juicy Couture: The Renaissance

Juicy Couture está de vuelta justo cuando cumple 25 años. El uniforme predilecto de los 2000 vuelve con más fuerza que nunca.

Juicy Couture ironizes about sponsored content on social networks

The daily injection of advertising impacts that we receive at Instagram and of which we are not aware are the protagonists of the latest Juicy Couture campaign.