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Sticky M.A. celebrates the lunar eclipse with *Luna Roja*

Sticky M.A. celebrates the success of his “Greenheart Tour” and this week’s lunar eclipse with his new single “Red Moon”. 

B·XTRA SON Estrella Galicia, the B·Festival’s concert series, starts on Thursday

The Festival·B cycle will take place between 3 and 6 March at the Fabra i Coats Factory in Barcelona with an exquisite selection of music.

Sticky M.A. announces new tour selling out five cities in one afternoon

Sticky M.A. continues to reap the rewards of all these years of work in which he has stretched the limits of rap in Spain.

Sticky M.A. releases ‘Corazón Verde’, his new album

Sticky M.A. fans are happy to be able to enjoy their new album ‘Green Heart’ in its entirety.

Sticky M.A. & Rojuu release the generational hit “Guts & Griffith”

After the first preview “Kasei” from his new album “Green Heart”, Sticky M.A. releases his second track “Guts & Griffith” featuring Rojuu.

Sticky M.A. continues to reinvent himself in his new electronic ballad ‘Kasei’

After soothing the craving of his fans with his recent single ‘Gore’, Sticky M.A. continues to brighten up the summer with new music. 

Sticky M.A. makes a comeback with new single ‘Gore’

Sticky M.A. fans are in luck and the meme accounts reflect it: the rapper is back after almost 6 months of silence.

Joël Kurasinski brings us “Vicio, Lujo y Pena en Valencia”

Vicio, Lujo y Pena en Valencia is the new work from Joël Kurasinski. An album that brings us closer to his more personal perspective.

Sticky M.A. is back with “Prada”

Sticky M.A. takes us back to his lysergic universe with Prada.

We talk W/ Sticky M.A.

Sticky M. A. has become one of the most relevant artists on the national scene. Now he is releasing a new album: Konbanwa. Without a doubt, a refined work that is far from the easy rhyme with critics and current themes. 

What’s behind the new C.Tangana?

On Friday 19th June, Paula Cendejas, author of songs like Ya te avise y Tu cama, published a bolero with C.Tangana: Como habla una mujer.

Konbanwa is the new work of Sticky M.A.

“Konbanwa” includes 10 new sound surprises from one of the most interesting proposals of the Spanish scene: Sticky M.A.

Sticky M.A. takes us into a world of psychedelia with “Haribo”

Sticky M.A. releases a psychedelic space video for “Haribo”, a new preview of his upcoming Konbanwa work. And this has improved us on Friday.

Israel B brings the Spanish drill into focus

Israel B has shaken the pillars of our country’s trap. Recently he has presented a track that highlights the Drill in Spanish.

Sticky M.A. presents “Mami dónde estás?” with Juicy BAE

Sticky M.A. has just presented “Mami Dónde estás?”, a collaboration with the Sevillian Juicy BAE where both shine on a Jambo’s production.

Sticky M.A. closes his national tour and releases “Solo”

Christmas around the corner, but not all the presents are waiting for us under the tree. Sticky has given us the first one, it’s called “Solo”.

The 5th Dimension of Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean

The album we’ve all been waiting for is here. The 5th Dimension of Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean.

0’s by Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean

Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean’s project keeps increasing its hype. Now, the artists have just released a new chapter titled 0’s.