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Vestiaire Collective launches “Let’s make fashion timeless” with a focus on the future of fashion

Vestiaire Collective, the world’s most trusted and sophisticated fashion buying and selling platform, launches an impassioned cry of hope.

Sustainability at the heart of Heron Preston SS22

Heron Preston reflects on his commitment to the environment and places “sustainability” at the heart of the SS22 capsule.

Discover SINOBI, the Japanese-inspired footwear brand that combines design, health and sustainability

SINOBI, the Japanese-inspired footwear brand, is on a mission to highlight the importance of meaningful and ethical fashion.

Lecavalier casts “The ultimate Spell” on SS22

Lecavalier debuts in Paris with SS22, focusing on the mystical side of everyday life and ceremonial rites.

Lacoste in favour of sustainability with Durable Elegance

Lacoste has published its first sustainable development report. The brand takes another step on the road to sustainability.

Hemper x Meserre: sustainability in its purest form

Hemper and MESERRE have decided to join forces to fight against pollution in the fashion industry through a 100% sustainable project.

COS SS21 presents its latest sustainable denim collection

COS SS21 ha introducido ahora prendas denim sostenibles para esta temporada. La colección llega como parte de la iniciativa de sostenibilidad.


Prada obtains a 90 million loan to become more sustainable

Es la tercera vez que Prada pide un préstamo verde para fomentar la sostenibilidad. Lee los nuevos objetivos de sostenibilidad que plantean.

Pornhub launches sexual sustainability campaign

Pornhub has set out to save the planet with a campaign on sexual sustainability. The initiative was launched this Tuesday under the name Sexstainability. Undoubtedly, its media coverage has been instantaneous due to the high number of daily visits the website receives. 

Fashion industry loses 93% profit this 2020

According to McKinsey’s report, the fashion sector is losing 93% of its economic benefits this year 2020.

Chanel Cruise 2021

The digital paradise of Chanel Cruise 2021

Chanel’s Cruise 2021 moves from Capri to Paris, through a digital show that presents us with a textile paradise for the summer.