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‘APO0€AL1P$¡ pt1’ is the new mixtape by Leïti Sene

Barcelona’s rising rap star Leïti Sene shares her new 7-track EP ‘APO0€AL1P$¡ pt1’, released via Dale Play.

Listen to the new single ‘5.05pm’ by Leïti Sène feat Trueno

Barcelona’s rising rap star Leïti Sène collaborates with Argentinian rapper Trueno on his new single ‘5.05pm’.

Leïti Sene and iseekarlo collaborate again on “Bitcoin”

The duo, Leïti Sene and iseekcarlo, reunite with a record in iseekarlo’s unique style to present “Bitcoin”.

Leïti Sene announces his first tour in Spain

With the Valencian promoter Cero en Conducta, Leïti Sene presents his first tour with 13 dates throughout Spain.

Leïti Sene will be performing at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona on 15 December

Leïti Sene has been shaking up the urban music scene in Barcelona for some time now. Now, with JÖM, she has managed to expand her footprint further.

Leïti Sene releases T-Rex, a preview of his forthcoming album

Leïti Sene returns to the scene with “T-Rex”, a preview of what will be his next album, which promises to be the most solid work of his career.

EXCLUSIVE: Cutemobb presents its first mixtape “Cute Tapes”

After the success of the first two singles “Feelings” and “De lo mío”, today the artists of the Cutemobb collective finally present their first work.

Sam Davies

Leïti Sene and Sam Davies join forces again to present “Feelings

Leïli Sene and Sam Davies meet again in “Feelings”, an ode to their joint lifestyle and artistic career that made them family.

Alex Moli and Alex Nikolov present LEXA They are the difference

Alex Moli and Alex Nikolov present LEXA, their new hybrid agency project for the management of artists from different disciplines.

Leïti Sene, move up a step with UwU

Leïti Sene has just released UWU, a track produced by iseekarlo. The artist based in Barcelona continues to build a very promising future in the urban segment of Spain.

Leïti continues on the road to consolidation

Fresh from the third season of Elite and in promotion of his new EP TATIMU MIXTAPE, the Catalan artist Leïti Sene delights us in times of confinement with the video clip of his single PERC30.

Leïti Sene TATIMU

Countdown to the discovery of TATIMU, Leïti Sene´s new mixtape

It’s hard to live in 2020 and not know Leïti Sene. The Catalan artist presents TATIMU, the mixtape that he is bringing out this Thursday and that joins him to the Primavera Labels family.

Leiti Sene

EXCLUSIVE: Leïti Sene launches ‘Mmm tkm’ and it’s exactly the hip hop we needed

Leïti Sene launches ‘Mmm tkm’, the first single of his new mixtape ‘Tatimu’. And in HIGHXTAR. we have the honor to show it exclusively.