HIGHXTAR. meets Ana Rujas | Powered by UNIQLO

HIGHXTAR. and UNIQLO U wanted to celebrate the professional evolution of Ana Rujas with an editorial focused on the SS22 season.

Uniqlo elevates fleece to a fashion statement

HIGHXTAR. and UNIQLO join forces in a very special editorial that has autumn and fleece as its main element.

“Usuario no encontrado” x Pepa Megías

The Valencian Pepa Megías has just presented her latest collection through a series of sinuous and risky garments. The purpose: to demystify Gen Z, understood as the generation of the forgotten, and to elevate its artistic value.

SVD presents the new Nike ACG collection through immersive virtual experience

SVD presents the new Nike ACG collection through an immersive virtual experience to bring the collection closer to the community.

BAMBAMBAM: Maria Sioke’s new tunning kdd

MARIA SIOKE presents us her latest track Bambambam, the new tuning meetup she wrote during the strange summer of 2020 in Rodalquilar.

Hemper x Meserre: sustainability in its purest form

Hemper and MESERRE have decided to join forces to fight against pollution in the fashion industry through a 100% sustainable project.

“Fever Dream”: surrealism, punk aesthetics and haute couture

“Fever Dream” is a new creative proposal in homage to the afro-futurism and surrealism of the 70’s, the punk of the 80’s and the haute couture. Based in New York, the collective formed by Dylan Ali, stylist and art director Bridget Johnson and photographer William Foster explores escapism as an artistic survival tool.


Albany meets Belledejour

The night we met Alba (aka Albany), it seemed as if the skies were trying their best to honour her visit to the city, by pouring down the heaviest rainstorm Barcelona has experienced.

LOEWE Toledo

LOEWE and the Conquest of Toledo

A pretty remarkable medieval set of references in Jonathan Anderson’s designs for Spanish house LOEWE, the editorial – shot by Tyler Mitchell – creates the perfect bond with the cultural wonder city of Toledo.

influencers en el punto de mira

Fake influencers at the edge of the abyss

In an ultra-digital era in which truth and reality are questioned every second, studies have been carried out that indicate that the Instagram bubble that generates fake influencers is about to burst. We analyze this first world’s issue.

Editorial | Inter Milan x nss magazine

The Milanese elegance of the new Inter Milan shirt stars in the latest edition of nss maganize. An exhibition of the legacy of an iconic club.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 5 360 w/ Cariatydes & Halley

For the introduction of these new versions, ASICS called on two of the top talents in Spain right now.

Editorial: “Hiroshima, mon amour” x Estudio Sublime

“Hiroshima, mon amour” is the first part of a series of editorials collected under the name of the DURAS SERIES, the latest project of Estudio Sublime, developed by Pablo Alzaga and ElPablo.

Editorial | Adrián Madrid: JADE w/ Chacha Huang

Adrián Madrid presents JADE. A work of light and colour that highlights the textures and shades of the clothes, trying to transmit the reflections of the different shades of the stone.

Lacoste Wildcard transcends fashion and connects with the world of urban music

Lacoste transcends fashion and connects with the world of urban music accompanied by some of the most important producers of the emerging scene: Steve Lean, Royce Rolo, Halley and Selecta.

Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG | Celebrating the best of the past in the present

20 years after its first release in 1999 ASICS recovers the GEL-KAYANO 5, paying a clear tribute to its legacy.

“La primera de la clase” w/ Ana Sotillo

Through this editorial entitled “The first of the classroom” El Pablo along with photographer Pablo Alzaga and Victor Bensusi conduct a review of the daily uniform.

ASICS GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY – One Step Further with Aleesha & Axcell Rose

The daily struggle, and Aleesha’s reflection on why we move, invite us to put on the GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY and pursue our dreams as she does.

Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG | A True Story with Ana Sotillo & Recycled J

ASICS has always sought to maintain the essence, and that is where the full force of editorial and video resides: A True Story, starring stylist Ana Sotillo and singer Recycled J.

Highxtar. Editorial | FW17

Our particular vision of the season through a mixture of influences that we have collected over the past few months and have highlighted in the set.