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Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 23 explores childhood through music

Before he passed away, Virgil Abloh brought his creative vision to Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Spring 2023 menswear collection.

Shannon Abloh is now CEO and Managing Director of Virgil Abloh Securities

Six months after Virgil’s death, Shannon Abloh has been appointed CEO and Managing Director of Virgil Abloh Securities.

The uniform as fashion’s favorite college experiment

Fashion enters high school classrooms to extract its aesthetics and update all its archetypes on the catwalk.

Louis Vuitton Foundation will pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

The Louis Vuitton Foundation will pay tribute to its late creative director Virgil Abloh with a display of his exhibition “Coming Of Age”.

Virgil Abloh x Mercedes fashion and motorsport

The latest collaboration between the late designer Virgil Abloh and Mercedes has just been launched, and it’s the best one yet.

Controversial tribute to Virgil Abloh at the 2022 Grammys

The Grammys honoured the memory of Virgil Abloh by pigeonholing him as “Hip Hop Designer”. A term that has caused a stir on social media.

Off-White™ accepts payment via cryptocurrencies

Off-White™ customers can now pay for their purchases using different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin or Ripple.

Off-White™ officially gets its red zip tie branded

The famous red zip tie on most Off-White™ garments now officially belongs to the brand.

Louis Vuitton LV Trainer signed by Virgil Abloh up for auction

Sotheby’s is auctioning an exclusive edition of the LV Trainer signed by Virgil Abloh in size 10.5 US.

The Virgil Abloh™ Blade by Louis Vuitton costs 9,900€ and is already sold out

It is an extension of Louis Vuitton’s Fine Jewelry line, designed exclusively by Virgil Abloh.

Spaceship Earth: An ‘Imaginary Experience’ that continues Virgil’s legacy at Off-White™

Off-White™ celebrated Virgil Abloh’s legacy in Paris with a ready-to-wear collection that reflects the brand’s codes.

Virgil Abloh’s footprint beyond fashion

After a short-lived but unprecedented career, Virgil Abloh leaves a big footprint on the world beyond fashion.

Louis Vuitton presents the continuation of Pre-Fall 22 by Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton continues to commemorate Virgil Abloh with the presentation of the second part of his Pre-Fall 2022 collection.

Off-White evolves and takes a new direction

Off-White unveil their Spring 22 collection entitled “Sticks & Stones”, designed before the death of founder Virgil Abloh.

The love affair between luxury and streetwear continues to thrive

The relationship between the luxury market and streetwear continues to throb now more than ever. We take a look at why.

Off The Rip, Virgil Abloh’s music project, will be released soon

Virgil Abloh was an artist in capital letters. His talent brought him to the top not only in the fashion industry but also in other artistic fields.

Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh’s latest collection in Paris

Paying an emotional tribute to Virgil Abloh’s dreams, Louis Vuitton brought back up to eight seasons of his work.

Daily Paper and Off-White’s skatepark in tribute to Virgil Abloh

Daily Paper, Off-White and Surf Ghana have collaborated to build Ghana’s first skatepark with a tribute to the late Virgil Abloh.

Louis Vuitton unveils Virgil Abloh´s final Pre-Fall collection

Louis Vuitton presents the latest Pre-Fall 22 collection by the late designer Virgil Abloh. Find out all the details about this line.

Will Kanye West be Louis Vuitton’s next creative director?

Kanye West is at the top of the list of possible designers to take over as creative director of Louis Vuitton.

Kanye West dedicates his latest sunday service to Virgil Abloh

Kanye West gathers his Sunday Service choir to pay tribute to his close friend and almost-brother Virgil Abloh after his passing. Read more.