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iOS 14.2 now available with 117 new emojis

As promised by Apple in its latest reports, the company has introduced new emojis in this new iOS update.

Apple gives you new AirPods if yours are defective

After numerous complaints, Apple has launched a free service program for customers with defective Airpods.

Apple will announce “one more thing” at its next event

On November 10, Apple will hold another event entitled “One More Thing” in which it will probably announce the new Mac.

iPhone 12 could charge external accessories wirelessly

Apple’s iPhone 12 can charge accessories wirelessly through a built-in smartphone transmitter.

Transform your iPhone’s home screen into Nike sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts can pay tribute to Nike’s Air Max 90 with Illustrator  Jeremy Booth’s custom icon package, compatible with the Apple iOS 14.

How much does the new iPhone 12 cost?

Yesterday, Apple’s October event took place where several new products were officially announced, including the iPhone 12.

Apple changes the emoji of the mask for a smiling version after the complaints

It seems that the pandemic has forced us to use the emoji of the mask and the complaints of the users have not been long in coming.

iOS 14

Why doesn’t “picture-in-picture” work for YouTube in iOS 14?

Parece que la nueva función “picture-in-picture” de iOS 14 no funciona con YouTube, a menos que hayas pagado por su servicio premium.

The new Emoji update will include 200 new variants

The Unicode Consortium has announced its next update, Emoji 13.1, which will add over 200 new skin tone combinations.

iOS 14

Apple iOS 14 will be released today

Apple’s new iOS 14 operating system, initially announced in June, will be released today.

Apple invites you to its next event

Apple has officially announced a new event for September and, best of all, we are all invited.

Blackberry returns to the origin | Physical keyboard

After being acquired by Texas-based start-up OnwardMobility, BlackBerry is about to launch a new smartphone with a physical keyboard.


iPhones and AF1s from outer space

Caviar reveals its iPhones and custom AF1s on the occasion of the Dragon Mission that Elon Musk launched at the ISS on June 30th.

By October you could be using the iPhone 12

After a lot of leaks, what appears to be the launch program for Apple’s iPhone 12 has been leaked.

New speculations about Apple: iPhone with convex screen?

According to reports, Apple may be investigating how to make its iPhone even more spectacular and unique.

AirPods could be a copy of a patent

It appears that Apple and Bose have been sued for allegedly copying Koss’ patented wireless headset technology.

Photography iPhone

Apple unveils the winner of the 2020 iphone photography awards

Apple has just unveiled the name of the winner of the 2020 iPhone Photo Prize: Dimpy Bhalotia. Prerequisite for participation? To have an iPhone, whether it’s brand new or unused.


Those affected by Apple’s reduced performance can now claim money

Apple admitted to having slowed down the iPhone 6 and 7 models. Now, 3 years later, those affected can receive compensation from Apple.

iOS 14

How to install the iOS 14 Public Beta

Last week, Apple released the first public beta version of iOS and iPadOS 14. A version that is still in beta and contains bugs.

Apple’s new Car Keys feature: forget about traditional keys

La actualización del iOS 13.6 está a punto de llegar. Pronto, los usuarios de iPhone podrán usar la última función de Car Keys de Apple.

El iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 will not include charger

First we learned that the iPhone 12 would come without a headset, and now it doesn’t include a charger either. EarPods would be bought separately too.