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The iPhone 13 is almost here: we tell you about its release date

El nuevo iPhone 13 saldría a la luz el próximo mes de septiembre, ahora te desvelamos que será la tercera semana el momento del lanzamiento.

Prototipo iPhone plegable

Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023

Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple will launch an eight-inch foldable iPhone with a QHD+ OLED display in 2023.


Apple has already unveiled its new products

Apple will launch a new iMac, its thinnest model to date, AirTags, its iPhone 12 and mini version in purple and a new iPad.

iphone 13

The iPhone 13 Pro Max could be matte black

Information about the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro Max has been leaked. New colors or camera improvements are some of the new features.

Apple could warn you if you are being tracked

Apple could include in its devices a proprietary system that warns the user of being tracked with Air Tags and Find My app.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch users will be able to unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask

Apple’s 14.5 update will allow users to unlock iPhone with Face ID despite wearing a face mask.

MacBook Air will be even thinner and lighter

In a recent report, Bloomberg reveals that the next round of MacBook Air laptops will be even thinner and lighter.

Apple could introduce its first car thanks to Hyundai

It seems that the rumors are true. It is said that Apple would be starting to develop its first car.

iPhone plegable

The pholdable iPhone could become a reality

Apple passes the internal durability test of two folding iPhone prototypes that could verify the rumour of recent years.


Protect your AirPods with this Off-White case

Virgil has just presented his cases for AirPods, PRO and 2nd Generation. One version is in black and the other in white.

The apple AirPods Pro Lite would cost 229€

According to reports, Apple is working on the third generation of its popular wireless AirPods.

Apple will repair your Iphone 11 screen for free

Apple listens to its customers’ problems again and will repair defective Iphone 11 displays for free.


Apple maximizes the AirPods

Apple launches its AirPods Max with which it expands its range of iPhone accessories. Music lovers are in luck.


Apple patents a new matte black finish

Apple could soon introduce products with a matte black finish, far from the usual space grey.

Brasil exige a Apple que incluya cargadores en el iPhone 12

Brazil requires Apple to include chargers with the iPhone 12

Apple recently launched its new iPhone 12 without a charger, which the Brazilian government has demanded be included.

iOS 14.2 now available with 117 new emojis

As promised by Apple in its latest reports, the company has introduced new emojis in this new iOS update.

Apple gives you new AirPods if yours are defective

After numerous complaints, Apple has launched a free service program for customers with defective Airpods.

Apple will announce “one more thing” at its next event

On November 10, Apple will hold another event entitled “One More Thing” in which it will probably announce the new Mac.

iPhone 12 could charge external accessories wirelessly

Apple’s iPhone 12 can charge accessories wirelessly through a built-in smartphone transmitter.

Transform your iPhone’s home screen into Nike sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts can pay tribute to Nike’s Air Max 90 with Illustrator  Jeremy Booth’s custom icon package, compatible with the Apple iOS 14.

How much does the new iPhone 12 cost?

Yesterday, Apple’s October event took place where several new products were officially announced, including the iPhone 12.