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No Man, Aleesha’s new work

A year ago Aleesha traveled to Los Angeles to work with Snell with the intention of composing a hit. The result: “No Man”.

Aleesha presents her new song “GANAS”

Aleesha, the artist who has revolutionized the urban music scene, has come up with a new song called “GANAS”.

Aleesha comes back with “100”

Aleesha surprised us last night with a new song, following the rhythm she has us used to: one song per month.

Aleesha one more step, now “la patrona”

After giving us two dance bangers -in English- with 90’s hip-hop inspiration like “56” and “Like Nicki”, now he brings us “La Patrona”.

Leïti Sene, move up a step with UwU

Leïti Sene has just released UWU, a track produced by iseekarlo. The artist based in Barcelona continues to build a very promising future in the urban segment of Spain.

Aleesha, she did it again with Like Nicki

A few months ago Aleesha decided to revisit that first demo, redo it and turn it into what is now “Like Nicki”.

Aleesha and Recycled J together in “Angelito”

True to themselves, Aleesha and Recycled J show us with “Angelito” that the mainstream can also be cool.

The best Aleesha: “Cógeme”

Aleesha presents “Cógeme”, her sweet voice is interspersed with guitar chords. A new work that shows a more mature and thoughtful profile.


In the middle of the pre-Christmas aborigine, this weekend we submerge ourselves in the darkness of the best halls and clubs in Barcelona.

“Por qué será,” why is so appealing the hit of Aleesha and Love Yi

The young Aleesha and Love Yi come together to discover a forbidden love story through dancehall rhythms.

La tienda de las gorras

La tienda de las gorras celebrates its seventh anniversary

It is La Tienda de las Gorras’ birthday. Next November 8 celebrates its seventh anniversary with a party in the Sala Caracol.

Aleesha presents ‘Lovers to Enemies’

Aleesha presents ‘Lovers to Enemies’ with a videoclip directed by Ana Sting, the starting point for a series of songs and videoclips that will flood the music scene in the coming months. 

Sonar and Desigual inBeta were a perfect binomial

If you thought Sonar was just a music festival, you were wrong. Desigual was in it to prove it to us.

Highchart. #SONAR2019 | Aleesha

Aleesha inaugurates a series of special HIGHCHART. #SONAR2019 in which the participants will bring us their #must of this edition.


Aleesha has revolutionized national urban pop. Image, voice and attitude are only three of the pillars that sustain one of the most projected national talents.

Cha Chá presents its most special night: Big Cha Chá

Cha Chá presents its most special night: Big Cha Chá

ASICS GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY – One Step Further with Aleesha & Axcell Rose

The daily struggle, and Aleesha’s reflection on why we move, invite us to put on the GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY and pursue our dreams as she does.

The revolutionary line-up of Primavera Sound 2019

Primavera Sound is betting on a more eclectic line-up than ever and with an outstanding female presence.

Confirmed, Aleesha is here to stay

We met her with Outta Cntrl, she hooked us with Your Body and now with her latest work, All In – produced by D.clax -, has made us reaffirm our feelings.