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Gucci presents its Haute Horlogerie collection

Gucci presents its first high jewelry collection with four lines: Gucci 25H, G-Timeless, Grip and High Jewelry.

gucci sneakers

Gucci will sell “sneakers” for 10 euros

Gucci is collaborating with Wanna to launch digital sneakers that can be purchased through its virtual platforms.

‘House of Gucci’ by Ridley Scott: first images of shooting

The first images of ‘House of Gucci’, Alessandro Michelle’s next project for the maison, this time with Ridley Scott, are out.

‘Love, Love & Love’ Gucci fanzine just in time for Valentine’s day

The Gucci fanzine ‘Love, Love & Love’ featuring a special collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Gucci chooses Doraemon as the star of the Chinese New Year campaign

To mark the Chinese New Year, Gucci devised a campaign featuring the Japanese manga character Doraemon.

Gucci releases documentary TNF X GUCCI

Following the launch of the collection, comes the documentary TNF x Gucci by artist Sean Vegezzi, with an interview with Alessandro Michele.

Gucci presents its latest collaboration with The North Face

Gucci announces its latest collaboration with The North Face. The result is a collection that will transport you to different places and cultures. Thus, the capsule has been created according to the spirit of adventure and promoting a spatial metaphor that will take people to different territories. 

The most suggestive fashion campaigns of 2020

During 2020, fashion brands faced a completely unexpected scenario. The dissonance that arose with the coronavirus crisis and the tragic realities of the prison system set a new course for the industry. The result is a series of campaigns that mark a return to the aesthetics of DIY. See Jacquemus’ campaign. 

Gucci concludes its virtual festival Gucci Fest

Earlier this month, Gucci presented its new collection “Ouverture of Something that Never Ended”. So, Alessandro Michele announced a virtual festival called Gucci Fest to showcase the narrative of his latest proposal. Today, Gucci concludes this series of seven-part films co-directed with Gus Van Sant. 

Gucci Gift Giving 2020

Gucci celebrates Christmas in a 90’s retro office

The new Gucci Gift Giving 2020 campaign celebrates Christmas with a big office party inspired by the 1990s.


Gucci will present a new collection through a mini-series

The Italian company will premiere a seven-episode mini-series from November 16th to 22nd during Gucci Fest to promote its new collection.



Gucci has just introduced Gucci Sneaker Garage, the section of its application conceived as a platform entirely dedicated to sneakers and their digital counterparts.

Gucci Epilogue, the outcome of Alessandro Michele’s narrative

Last July, Alessandro Michele opened the final chapter of a story that dealt with the rules, roles and liturgies that have come to define fashion as we know it. Gucci Epilogue is the outcome of this subversive narrative that reflects on the relationship between the fictional imagery of fashion and the reality of its productions.


Gucci thinks about imitations in its new Fake Not collection

Gucci’s new collection offers endless insights into copying and imitation in the fashion world. Thus, it denounces these tasks through Fake Not, a suggestive but explicit proposal on the subject. 

This is a virtual pass to Gucci Garden

The Gucci Garden in Florence is now available for a virtual visit without timetables and with infinite tour possibilities.

el ritual gucci

Gucci captures everyday life in its campaign “El Ritual”

“El Ritual” is Gucci’s new campaign for the Autumn/Winter season of this peculiar year 2020. And this peculiarity is reflected in the creative process, more personal and sincere than ever.

Gucci MX

Gucci mx: the new non-binary collection that explores the fluid genre

Gucci presents Gucci MX, its first non-binary clothing collection that explores gender fluidity. The pieces, in the spirit of diversity, are designed by Alessandro Michel and photographed by Angelo Panetta.


Gucci opts for timelessness in its new proposal

Alessandro this time surprises us by questioning the world of fashion through a fairy tale that is divided into three parts.

Gucci unites digital art and time in one incredible accessory

Gucci has launched a project for its G-Timeless automatic watch in which it has invited visual artists from around the world.

Beaten & Blown by the Wind, the new Gucci artbook

Beaten & Blown by the Wind is Gucci’s new limited edition artbook, the result of the creative vision of Alessandro Michele and Bruce Gilden.


Gucci Off The Grid designs the world we need

Applying the Italian designer’s genius to a sustainable collection offers a hopeful horizon for Gucci after the COVID19 tragedy.