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Confirmed: Raf Simons to work with Miuccia for PRADA

From 2 April 2020, Raf Simons will join the Prada brand as co-creative director, working in partnership with Miuccia Prada.

How skateboarding became a high-fashion obsession

The connection between fashion and skate culture is now stronger than ever. We analyze his immersion in the high-end industry.

Andrea Rosso

We talk w/ Andrea Rosso: Bringing vintage to the front line

Andre Rosso’s MYAR is giving military pieces a second life. Vintage seems to have a decisive part on fashion’s future. Reuse and reduce.


We talk w/ Víctor Barragán: Redefining fashion from the inside

Barragán has arrived to redefine fashion in his own terms, bringing his well-defined personality to the main stage and making everyone love it.

Stüssy | From the streetwear roots to the high-fashion catwalk

Between psychedelic colors and wave prints we focus on Shawn Stussy: one of the pioneers of streetwear that began defining the underground aesthetics.

Why masks and Tabi Boots have defined Maison Margiela’s heritage

As well as The Antwerp Six or Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela takes part of that bubble that has flown through time with impulses that transgress all parameters in fashion history.

Deckers Brands and the successful ugliness

After placing UGG boots on the map a couple of years ago, Deckers returns with HOKA. This growth comes from a totally unexpected niche.

HIGHXTAR. meets Lacoste “Thrill” Sneakers

We have teamed up with Amanda Adász and Laura Vifer for this visual narrative through the streets of Condal city in which the re-edition of Lacoste’s “Thrill” sneaker and skate works as a narrative thread.

The future of 3D fashion through Cattytay

Cat Taylor has changed the fashion’s game in an advanced level to positioning itself as an absolute referent in that 3D universe that high-end brands are introducing into their systems.


ANTIFAN, ALVVA and Jenny Tran star in a narrative in which the model ASICS GEL-KINSEI OG stands as a narrative thread.


EXCLUSIVE: Posh94 and her trip to Alice’s Wonderland

Alison Bizzi aka Posh94 explores a new version of Alice in Wonderland under a rave and eclectic vision. Too much to handle.

Africa: Where inspiration is born

But, besides inspiring others, whats going on in Africa in terms of fashion? Why not talking about the source of everything?

Goyard: The Gioconda of luxury

We live in a world where capsule collection, exclusive drop or limited edition are regular words in our daily fashion vocabulary. Goyard says fuck that shit.

The true bling behind Plein

There’s no fashion aficionado that is not familiar with the always spectacular display of brightness and exacerbated concept of luxury of the German designer: Philipp Plein.

Du-Rag is back: culture, history and fashion

For the absent-minded who don’t know what we’re talking about, Du-Rag, also called do-rag, is the fabric that is placed around the head and tied at the back.

Jeff Koons, the world’s most coveted living artist

Jeff Koons is an American artist and he’s worth a lot more than you can imagine.

Prada fur free ss2020

The Prada group joins the “Fur Free” movement

The luxury brands Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe will stop using leathers from the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

Topshop closes all its stores in USA

Apparently, Topshop will close its 11 locations in the United States. According to the BBC, Arcardia, the British multinational that owns the brand, has proposed closing 23 of its stores to avoid bankruptcy.

Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott >>> Hype alarms in 3,2,1…

It’s official, Travis Scott’s Nike Air Jordan 1 will go on sale next Saturday May 11 through VERY selected stores.

Club 404 | Lil Miquela launches her own clothing line

The it girl, Lil Miquela, debuts in fashion design with Club 404, her own clothing collection.

Baby Phat, the cult label of the 00s, is back

Baby Phat returns to continue celebrating curves, black skin and street culture in the purest Y2K style.