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Influencers pagados por criticar la vacuna de Pfizer

Influencers paid to criticise Pfizer’s vaccine

A mysterious London PR agency was offering to pay influencers to criticise Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Read here the story.

H&M closes 27 of its shops in Spain

The Swedish giant announces that it will close 30 shops in Spain, 27 of them H&M. The company blames this decision on a restructuring plan in the Spanish market that will leave more than 1,100 workers in redundancies. Although they say they have been analysing this decision for several years, it has been the pandemic that has accelerated the process.

Razer Project Hazel Mask

Razer presents the Project Hazel RGB gamer aesthetics mask

Razer wanted to bring its vision of the smart gamer version of the face mask. It will soon become a reality.

Concierto Love of Lesbian

The experimental concert with 5K people that has revolutionised the industry

On Saturday 27 March, the biggest European concert since the beginning of the pandemic took place in Barcelona.

Here are the best memes about the end of lockdown

According to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, England plans to emerge from this third blockage caused by the pandemic in the coming months. Thus, he has presented a government plan where he sets out different dates to reopen the economy and restart their lives gradually. Let’s hope it is true, but just in case, we have compiled the best memes about it.

Uniqlo becomes the new leading fast fashion brand

To Inditex’s surprise, Uniqlo has become the leading fast fashion brand. This new position is mainly due to the markets where the two groups operate. In the last year alone, Inditex has fallen significantly in the domestic market, losing 18% of its stock market value. 

Coachella Abril 2021 se cancela definitivamente

Coachella April 2021 is definitively cancelled

The Coachella festival is definitely cancelled for April 2021 due to restrictions caused by the covid pandemic.

Fashion industry loses 93% profit this 2020

According to McKinsey’s report, the fashion sector is losing 93% of its economic benefits this year 2020.

Patreon: the new platform for culture

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought of helping your favorite artist financially. Now you can: Patreon allows you to connect creators with their biggest fans.

Christmas with the anti-Covid bracelet

SprayCare startup has just launched a project designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

What if 2021 were worse than 2020? – 10 Predictions that don’t help

EAs 2020 draws to a close, it’s time to analyse what has been achieved and also what is expected from the next one. For almost two decades, Saxo…


Can this app save the clubs in 2021?

There is now a small hope that the party can return sooner rather than later thanks to an application: Liberty Pass.


We don’t want to do things

We continue to be subjected to doing things. Constantly. We have not been allowed to breathe and rest. We have not had time to swallow and feel.

Do you know what the word of the year is?

Llegamos a recta final de este 2020 — por fin. En un año tan atípico nos preguntábamos cuál sería la palabra que mejor pudiese definirlo.


Generation COVID: Youth Income Drops

Although the pandemic has affected all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, the new generations have been greatly affected.

dior loungewear

Dior elevates the loungewear for possible confinement

Dior has just launched two new products that it has entitled “Chez Moi” – translated into English as “at my house”.

Burberry and Marcus Rashford unite against child poverty

Burberry announces its partnership with Marcus Rashford to launch a new charity initiative to support children’s organizations.

Vistaprint reveals its second series of Artist Series masks | Just Don and Awake are on the list

Vistaprint launches its second collection in which it has worked with designers and artists to create masks that are unique pieces.

Counterfeiting on the rise in South Korea during the pandemic

The sale of fake goods has doubled in recent months in South Korea. This is due to a widespread increase in online shopping during the pandemic. The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has already taken action on the issue. 

Kim tells the details of how Kanye passed COVID-19

In July, Kanye West recounted that he had passed COVID-19 in an interview in Forbes. Now Kim Kardashian West details how it went.

Marine Serre launches two mask models

Marine Serre has just launched two new masks with their characteristic crescent moon graphic as a complement.