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Inditex will close 79 stores in Spain

Between January and April, Inditex will close 79 stores in Spain and dispense with more than 800 employees. Massimo Dutti and Zara are the most affected.

Lunay Nicki Nicole

Lunay and Nicki Nicole in an exclusive concert thanks to Pull&Bear

On Saturday, exclusively at the IGTV in Pullandbear, there will be a concert by two of the most important artists: Lunay and Nicki Nicole.


Inditex closes the first Zara that opened in Madrid

Madrid bids farewell to the emblematic Zara shop located at Calle Carretas 6, the first to begin the expansion of the textile company, Inditex.


Pull&Bear’s new collection is inspired by the world of modern art

Pull&Bear has decided to tell the world of modern art to its public with an exclusive collection in which the works of modern artists.

Zara launches its first lingerie collection

Zara enters the world of lingerie with a collection of bras, panties and loungewear. A line in which lace and silk are the protagonists. Inditex surprises again. This…

Bershka’s new collection will bring out your best “Smiley

Bershka collaborates with the iconic Smiley brand through a collection that celebrates optimism. The capsule presents a series of garments that are a symbolic ode to positivism. In addition, the use of pink accentuates, even more, this tribute to happiness.


Inditex will close 1,200 stores

Inditex is looking for a network of stores with a larger average surface area and which generate “higher levels of profitability”.

Rains denounces Zara for copying and wins legal battle

The Danish brand Rains decided to start a legal battle against the fast fashion giant Inditex. The reason? A raincoat.

The axis of Inditex’s de-escalation is its employees

As from this Thursday, Inditex has opened stores with a surface area of less than 400 square metres, with prior appointment and only 30 minutes’ shopping time.

“They’re a major corporation – Fast Fashions Latest Dupes

We’ve wrapped up NYFW, flown through LFW and are now halfway through MFW and… Zara already has half of those pieces being recreated and manufactured as we speak.