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Vetements ain’t Vetememes anymore

Is it possible that Vetements is taking fashion seriously at last? May Demna’s exit be the beginning of more mature collections and less shrill ones?

Kim Jones & Dior FW2020: Exquisiteness as their philosophy

There is no doubt in this complex fashion industry that Kim Jones is its undisputed pharaoh, the absolute reference for a generation.

C Tangana

C. Tangana froze 2020 and it’s just starting

We were missing these kinda beats from Pucho. “Yelo” is freezing our heart and leaving a deeper message than you can expect.

Magliano is all about contrast in his FW20 collection

Magliano became one of our must watch designers and his savoir-faire is being well acknowledge by fashionistas and the industry connoisseurs.

Fendi FW20

Fendi came, saw and conquered

When it comes to giving a new vision about the classics there’s a very thin line between genius and disaster. Fendi did it, and did it pretty damn well.

SUNNEI doesn’t “hate fashion” anymore

Sunnei is back to loving fashion and they proved they have strong arguments to be loved back by fashion.

Foot District celebrates 50 years of Superstars through Javier Ruíz’s lenses

Music and arts communities has been always part of adidas Superstar’s DNA and history.

Andrea Rosso

We talk w/ Andrea Rosso: Bringing vintage to the front line

Andre Rosso’s MYAR is giving military pieces a second life. Vintage seems to have a decisive part on fashion’s future. Reuse and reduce.


We talk w/ Víctor Barragán: Redefining fashion from the inside

Barragán has arrived to redefine fashion in his own terms, bringing his well-defined personality to the main stage and making everyone love it.

Stüssy x Dr Martens for the decade’s last winter

After the bombing of Stüssy with Dior, and without time to assimilate it, now Shawn’s disciples reveal their latest collaboration with Dr Martens.

ace&tate are ready to conquer Madrid

After six years of hard work and proven exquisite taste, the Dutch eyewear company is living their sweetest days and they’ve decided to celebrate it opening their first South European store in Madrid.

Arsenal goes bananas in their last campaign

Few days ago we talked about the rise of vintage football kits and today we’re back with the official confirmation.

Opening Ceremony’s last tote is huge

Meme-like piece from American retailer has went viral over the last few days thanks to a post on Nicholar Geller’s IG where the impossibility to carry was proven.

Les Vêtements de Football bring The Remade Issue

In an effort to make fashion a more sustainable industry, Les Vêtements de Football has a strong bet on vintage clothes and reused garments as the only way to avoid a massive production.

And Kim Jones closed the circle

Kim Jones is the man who has changed fashion forever. Not only for his spectacular designs, but for his contribution to the globalization of fashion.

GmbH and ASICS are back on track

After the brutal success of their first iteration, ASICS and Berlin-based GmbH are back with a new range of colorways.


Barragán’s Holiday 19 Capsule. What a closure to the year

Víctor Barragán is no longer an emerging talent. His clairvoyance of what he wants to bring to the industry has lift him to the “New Icon” category.

1017 ALYX 9SM & KM20: Contemporary skateboarding essentials

Matthew M Williams joins KM20 to celebrate his anniversary with a capsule collection filled with urban vibes and skateboard inspiration.

APJP and the redefinition of black

Black can be applied to both extremes of the human mood. APJP knows it and has proved it in their last drop where denim is the protagonist.

Will Smith is back in Bel Air

Probably one of the most charismatic artists in Hollywood, Will Smith is launching his second collection of his Bel-Air Athletics apparel line.

Raf Simons and The XX: An unconventional couple

Belgian designer and British band has been together for a long time now.