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Justin Bieber and Crocs

Justin Bieber and Crocs team up for a second time

Justin Bieber and Crocs have done it again. The new Classic Clog “Lavender”. This time they come with socks included.

Justin Bieber

Here’s how Justin Bieber reacts to seeing his new Rolls Royce

West Coast Customs has just released a video with all the details of Justin’s custom Rolls Royce. Check it out and be blown away by all the features and the most cutting edge design to date.  

Rolls Royce

Discover Justin Bieber’s customized Rolls Royce

Have you ever thought what a Rolls Royce customized exclusively for Justin Bieber would be like? Here it is. Meet the Rolls Royce Wraith 103EX created by West Coast Custom. The result is a true work of engineering art. 

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Selena Gomez fans attack Hailey and Justin Bieber exploits

Selena Gomez’s fans still believe that she is Justin Bieber’s great love and that Hailey is a hindrance to his love story.