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Foot District x K-WAY prepares us for rainy seasons

Foot District and K-Way have come together to launch a limited edition jacket based on the concept of water and of their stores in Madrid and in Barcelona.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

On the weekend we took refuge from the political chaos and let off steam dancing. This is how the end of the world has to catch us. Word of Sabina.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

LEV was already approaching a non-stop weekend in the capital, but it seems that the rest of the clubs have allied to make us implode completely.


It’s the most important clothing company in the world and you still don’t know it

It is the fastest growing clothing company in the world in terms of stock market earnings, and may not be familiar to you.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz joins Instagram

Condé Nast’s iconic photographer, Annie Leibovitz, has just created an account at Instagram. At the moment, she has 67K followers and 4 photographs.

The documentary about Margiela already has release date

Documentary about Martin Margiela has just announced its release date and confirmed other relevant details about the film.

KK x Camper

Camper Lab x Kiko Kostadinov | Utilitarianism at its best

Designer Kiko Kostadinov and footwear brand Camper launch a collection of workwear design utilitarian leather boots with Gore-Tex.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Whatever you like, we have compiled the best of this weekend so that you can choose what you like or so that, like us, you can sign up for everything.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

In Madrid, this weekend we’re staying true to what we’ve always done, but we’re making space for new things. We have time for everything.


ROCKO & RIOT | New street label by Octavian x Courtney MC

London rapper Octavian and visual artist Courtney MC launch their own collaborative clothing brand, ROCKO & RIOT, which will be available this weekend.

Prada Luna Rossa

The monohull boat AC75 Luna Rossa by Prada

Prada has revealed its new AC75 Luna Rossa monohull in Cagliari. The boat challenges for the Circolo della Vela Sicilia for the America’s Cup 2021.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona adapts to our non-stop rhythm and proposes us a mix of calm and party, tranquility and wildness, to create our perfect weekend.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

We have compiled the best plans for this weekend in Madrid and prepare you for the fall: urban music, markets and indie art and creativity. Get ready.


Slam Jam x New Balance 990v3 | Consolidating the legacy of dad-shoes

New Balance and Milan’s Slam Jam platform come together to create a special edition of the iconic 990v3 model, created by the brand’ B1 program.

Gucci Mane, Iggy Pop and Sienna Miller, protagonists of Gucci Cruise 2020

Gucci Cruise 2020 invites us to a celebrities’ party with Iggy Pop, Sienna Miller and Gucci Mane as star guests. Freedom, wildness and a lot of diversity.


LATIGO x Pedritos | A testimony of streetwear love

Pedritos and LATIGO join forces in an editorial that combines garments from both, emanating a shared essence and an unstoppable creative restlessness.

Supreme x Honda

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing | A Tribute to Motocross

Supreme, Fox Racing and Honda’s new collaborative Fall 2019 launch is about to drop and includes the coveted CRF 250R crossbike.

Nicki Minaj x Fendi

Glamour street at full power with Fendi x Nicki Minaj

Fendi and Nicki Minaj team up to create ‘Fendi Prints On’, a new capsule collection that demonstrates the affinity between the two.

Balenciaga LED sunglasses

LED frame sunglasses by Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s Summer 2020 Eyewear collection includes new sunglasses with a striking LED light system in the frame that can change colour and pattern.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens SS20 at his “rickest”: futurism and polemics

Rick Owens SS20, his best collection, takes us into a futuristic fairy tale whose ending has not been happy even for the designer himself.


DGTL Madrid 2019 | The countdown begins

This year, DGTL repeats with its second edition in Madrid and promises to bring us back that masterful combination that forged its success.