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Volver a casa

Going back home or the resurrection of (new) intimacy

The new value system has ended up shaping a more extreme, more voracious, more desirable way of life. But it is time to go home.

Loyalty XIX

Loyalty XIX releases its debut album, ‘Lifetime’

Loyalty XIX releases his first album, Lifetime, and he does so on a new record label that also wears his signature, Dycentra Records.

Highshout. 5 – Deva

The fifth edition of HIGHSHOUT. features DEVA, ne of the most promising urban music artists of the moment.

HIGHSHOUT. 4 – Calvin Omari

This new HIGHSHOUT is played by the relaxed notes that float from the saxophone of Calvin Omari, producer, singer and saxophonist.

Real Fooding

The dark side of the realfooding

Critics of realfooding denounce it as a potential promoter of EDs. But truth is this is not its only risk. 

HIGHSHOUT. 3 – Fendi Sofía

In the third HIGHSHOUT. we approached the young podcaster Fendi Sofia to know in depth her proposal and her perspectives on life.


We talk w/ Samantha Hudson, star of Absolut’s Pride 2021 campaign

We interviewed the artist Samantha Hudson, the star of Absolut’s new campaign that focuses on claiming LGTBIQ+ rights. Happy Pride!

Rubén H. Bermúdez x HIGHXTAR

Highshout. 2 – Rubén H. Bermúdez

In this second HIGHSHOUT, Jose and Sergio talk with Rubén H. Bermúdez, author of ‘And you, why are you black?’.

Highshout. 1 – Gooseed & Sergio Pontier

HIGHSHOUT is a new section that will serve as a window and loudspeaker for racialized creative figures. A space by Gooseed and Sergio Pontier.


We don’t want to do things

We continue to be subjected to doing things. Constantly. We have not been allowed to breathe and rest. We have not had time to swallow and feel.


Is a State without police really possible?

In the midst of socio-political turbulence, the debate is back on the table. Is it possible and necessary to abolish the police?

Cool Jobs

Working in a cool job won’t break you free

Between the 1980s and mid-1990s, an over-trained generation would be born to work in a world that was ceasing to exist forever.


The last Supermoon of 2020: how, when and why you must see it

The last supermoon of this year will take place on the morning of May 7th and 8th, called the “Full Moon of Flowers”. A must-see show.


Rokit pays tribute to “The Velvet Underground” on SS20

ROKIT is back in SS20 with “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” collection, inspired by the famous 1970 theme by The Velvet Underground from their album Loaded.


Your new festival outfit could be this one

Production Club, a design studio in Los Angeles, has created a prototype of a personal protective suit tailored for concert and music festival attendees.


Athleisure and pride in Aries FW20

The cult streetwear brand Aries is committed to an athleisure style in their FW20 collection, proudly displaying their logo. That’s the lookbook.


Mattel launches ‘Star Wars’ Barbies

To celebrate Star Wars Day, this year Mattel has launched an unexpected collaboration with its Barbie doll line. It is expected to be released on June 12.


New MacBook Pro Introduces Magic Keyboard and Double the Storage

The new Apple MacBook Pro features a 13-inch screen and Magic Keyboard. Its price starts at $1,299 and comes in two colors: space gray and silver.


Top 10 MET Gala looks of all time

Today would have been the MET 2020 Gala, so we’ve selected our 10 favorite looks from history. It wasn’t an easy task, we swear.


The Dual Court Midi II, retro-basket style by Reebok x Victoria Beckham

Reebok and Victoria Beckham have teamed up again to launch the Dual Court Midi II model in different colorways, playing 80s retro basketball.

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović’s tribute to her past lover Ulay

Marina Abramović has written a moving tribute to her former lover and collaborator, the artist Ulay, who passed away earlier this year.