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Motoguo | The Wes Anderson of Fashion

Motoguo is the brand of the same name that challenges the peculiarity in the most romantic, cynical and ingenious way since 2015.

Is Shanghai the new Paris?

This giant was asleep, but not anymore. Fashion is already a major thing in Chinese and Shanghainese culture due to the trade liberalization and the evolution of a very conservative country.


It’s the most important clothing company in the world and you still don’t know it

It is the fastest growing clothing company in the world in terms of stock market earnings, and may not be familiar to you.

The babushka boom

At the end of last year we already witnessed the rebirth of the babushka thanks to A$AP Rocky and his entourage of ‘babushka bois’ like Frank Ocean.

When activewear rescued fashion

How sportswear has become a major thing in the fashion industry has taken a long road that, today, when all has been settled, doesn’t seem to have been such a big deal.

Before streetwear there was already clubwear

Everything you see today is a product of the past. We make a journey from the street and the catwalk of the new era towards a paradigm initiated in the clubs of the early 90’s.

Highxtar. Editorial | FW17

Our particular vision of the season through a mixture of influences that we have collected over the past few months and have highlighted in the set.

Shoop Clothing | Meet the Fashion Hackers

Shoop, the hackers of fashion in the post-internet era. The format of the brand is contemporary and unisex, with enigmatic and futuristic pretensions. Meet the actual gang of adult players.

We talk w/ Kubo from GR8 Tokyo

Kubo is one of the most influential personalities in the fashion industry. We talk with him about the japanese fashion industry and GR8’s world.