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What I think Sontag would think

Maybe it’s just my feeling, but this summer is strange, uncomfortable. It may also be due to living in a big city that empties out in summer.

It’s time to leave Lolita

When I think of Lolita, I think of a landscape of overwhelming warmth, with hints of citrus and, above all, overflowing sexuality.

A stealth change: why you can’t read anymore

It is not that we read less, it is that we read differently, and it is the consequence of our brain having been modified to adapt to change.

If you don’t wiggle, don’t call

The magazine, the Mansion and the bunny ears are just the tip of the iceberg of the media empire that managed to shape an entire generation.

The sound of the future

We are in a historical era forced to technological consumerism that, without realizing it, is increasingly merging with the cybernetic world.

Kanye West and Pharrell

Kanye West and Pharrell do the interview of the year

The “Faith in Chaos” edition of i-D features an interview by Kanye with Pharrell that addresses topics such as Michael Jackson, the coronavirus, and faith.

Tumblers Generation

The Tumblers generation seems to have abandoned true creativity. However, this poses new forms of work based on references

The art of dressing an idol by Alex Turrión

El estilista Alex Turrión nos habla de sus referentes en la moda y el arte, así como de la manera en la que ha mantenido en el hype la imagen de C. Tangana.

fashion coven

Fasfion Coven | Female energy in rising fashion

Among the group of new talents, three entrepreneurs emerge as priestesses of the current fashion: Mimi Wade, Sita Abellán and Amina Muaddi.

What is the future of retail in the post COVID-19 era?

With the fashion industry severely affected and an economic recession on the way, the Highxtar team reflects on the future of retail. 

Decoding Rei Kawakubo’s anti-fashion

Rei Kawakubo defined the anti-fashion that we have professed to this day. We navigate through the factors that made her a legend in the industry.

These are the most transparent brands of 2020

The new fashion consumer wants to know who makes their clothes, where, what materials are used and where they come from.

I AM GIA is already a #must for Kendall, Bella or Rosalía (and is not expensive)

I AM GIA recreates the universe of club, hood and glamour bling bling. The brand has become the favourite of Kendall, Rosalía, Bella or Emrata.

Dani Miller, or how punk continues to defy the canons of beauty

Her messy mullet, her extravagant makeup and clothes and her charisma are unique. But if there’s one thing that characterizes Dani Miller, it’s her smile, which is now her biggest trademark.

chiara ferragni

Do influencers have any social responsibility during the pandemic?

Given the capacity of influencers to “influence”, do they have any social responsibility during the Covid-19 crisis? How should they act?

Can paper magazines survive the age of Covid-19?

Fashion magazines around the world are facing an identity crisis. Should they cover only fashion? Should they talk about public health? Will anyone go out and buy their print editions?

The story of Kanye VS Swift… And the final chapter

Below we have prepared a summary of the story so that you can understand the importance of this call.

COVID19 or Technological Conspiracy?

What is out there if we are all inside? Why do we want to connect to something that doesn’t really exist?

Can haute couture be reinvented for a sustainable future?

Debate is generated with haute couture because of its greenwashed conception. Is haute couture really ethical? Can it survive the climate crisis?

Stripping the audiovisual culture with Matt Lambert

How Matt Lambert has become an LGBT icon in the world of film and photography. We review his legacy in the audiovisual culture.


The legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, the women of fashion

Everywhere you look there will always be a special woman who fights every day for everyone. Gabrielle Chanel has been one of the great references in fashion and…