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This is Plastic Hearts the new album by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus finally brings out her latest work “Plastic Hearts” with twelve tracks and three collaborations.

Anissa Kermiche and her original Christmas decorations

Anissa Kermiche, known for her ceramic vases with shapes that pay homage to the female anatomy, brings out Christmas decorations.

Richardson’s latest collection is an ode to the velvet tracksuit

Richardson’s latest collection takes to the streets of Shinjuku and the Kumade Festival. This event honors an ornamental bamboo rake.

Mondrian’s neoplasticism arrives at the Reina Sofia Museum

The Reina Sofía Museum has managed to move forward with the exhibition of the painter Mondrian after several months of uncertainty.


Supreme launches capsule collection with Timberland

Supreme is constantly launching collaborative collections. The last one is the new collaboration with Timberland for FW20.

Dickies Life introduces Hi-Vis on its garments

Dickies Life introduces “Hi-Vis” in hard-wearing fabrics and classic silhouettes for this year’s autumn/winter season.

Burger King tweets support for McDonald’s

In a surprising tweet, Burger King UK (and previously Burger King IT) has encouraged its fans to order from other competing fast food franchises.

Glam and Medicom Toy presents figures inspired by Bansky

The Japanese label Glamb joins Medicom Toy to release a limited edition of ‘Throw Mickey’ figures, inspired by Bansky’s work.


Supreme pays tribute to Japanese artist Toshio Saeki

Supreme launches a three-piece capsule collection with the latest works by the japanese artist Toshio Seaki. 


One week of protests in Poland

Last Thursday, October 22nd, protests began in Poland over the ban on abortion in the case of a malformed fetus.

Oreo builds a bunker to protect its famous recipe

Oreo has built a large Oreo Global Vault as a bunker to protect its famous recipe from the possible impact of asteroid 2018 VP1. 

NASA has discovered water on the Moon

For the first time in history, NASA has discovered water on the sunlit surface of the moon thanks to SOFIA.


This is “El encuentro”, the new single by Alizzz with Amaia

Alizzz launches his solo career with his song “Todo me sabe a poco” and now together with Amaia he presents his new single: “El encuentro”.

Cool your drink with these designer ice cubes

Nothing better than an ice-coffee with Chanel or Saint Laurent ice.

Vistaprint reveals its second series of Artist Series masks | Just Don and Awake are on the list

Vistaprint launches its second collection in which it has worked with designers and artists to create masks that are unique pieces.

Eminem’s first recorded performance goes online

The video is filtered of what is believed to be Eminem’s first recorded live performance of Low Down, Dirty with D12 in 1996.

Nothin but paper is the ecological version of the UNO cards

Nothin But Paper launches the green version of the world’s most popular card game. UNO has released 112 100% recycled cards. 

Joaquin Phoenix will play Napoleon Bonaparte

Joaquin Phoenix will play the most important emperor of the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s new film.

In November Ikea will launch the Green Friday

Ikea impulsa la recompensa de muebles, concienciando a los consumidores para realicen un consumo responsable y fomentando así la economía circular. 

Prada presents its collection Linea Rossa with sustainable fabric

After presenting its SS21 collection with Raf Simons and the Miu Miu show, Prada delights us with the FW20 Prada Linea Rossa collection. 

Amancio ortega

Amazon Prime will release Amancio Ortega’s series in 2021

Amazon Prime presentará en 2021 la serie sobre la autobiografía de Amancio Ortega, el multimillonario español que fundó Inditex.