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Nike Air Max 270 React | Technology and design at the highest level

NikeSportswear presents an exciting new design that unites the best of Swoosh sports technology with an aesthetics full of art and culture.

We talk w/ César Pérez, designer of AF1 De Lo Mío

When it is about creativity, self-improvement, success based on effort and dreams come true, one of the first people who comes to mind is César Pérez.

Paraíso Festival | Creativity and electronic music

After its debut last summer, Paraiso expects that this year the festival will welcome up to 40% more attendees.

Studio ALCH SS20 >>> The deconstruction of urban fashion

Studio ALCH SS20 welcomes workwear patterns and reminiscences of decades ago to consolidate an urban style with concept and meaning.

Primavera Sound 2019 | More than just a festival

With a risky line-up and controversies in the spotlight, Primavera Sound 2019 has welcomed a massive audience and was incredible!

Ariana Renee, influencer with more than 2mill. followers fails in the sale of 36 shirts

Despite having 2.6 million followers in her Instagram account, influencer Ariana Renee has been unable to sell the 36 minimum t-shirts that would have allowed her to start the first shipments of her brand.

HIGHCHART. #18 – Curated by ANTIFAN

The Madrid band ANTIFAN has collected their top 10 songs of the moment in an exclusive playlist for HIGHCHART.

colección Voyage de Mains de Skepta

Skepta’s labbel MAINS presents its new collection

‘Voyage’ is the latest collection from MAINS, Skepta´s label, which bets on a purely British aesthetic where the iconic Houndstooth print takes on a new protagonism.

Off-White x Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5

Virgil Abloh and Nike team up again | Off-White x Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5

A month before its official release, we took a look at all the details of the new Off-White x Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5.

Revolution is coming | This is what awaits us in Primavera Sound 19

This year, Primavera Sound breaks new ground with a parity line-up that is more urban than ever. There will be no peace for “oldies”.

0’s by Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean

Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean’s project keeps increasing its hype. Now, the artists have just released a new chapter titled 0’s.

Bootleg isn’t a scam: it’s an art

Designs that pretend to be a forgery – bootleg – have been a trend for several years, surviving polemics and developing a magnificent exchange of codes between different…

1017 ALYX 9SM’s Rollercoaster Bracelet is now available

Matthew M Williams, founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM, is in the news these last few days for his revolutionary blockchain project and the release of a new fetish accessory in his brand.  

Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela kiss in Calvin Klein’s latest campaign

The flesh and bone model Bella Hadid and the virtual influence Lil Miquela star in the campaign, where they appear kissing on their Calvins.

UNDERCOVER x Nike’s Daybreak already have a date

After the first teaser in Paris Fashion Week SS19, we finally have an official drop date for the latest sneakers created in collaboration between Nike and UNDERCOVER.

El ron para repartir. A collaboration between Havana Club and C. Tangana

Havana Club launches a limited edition bottle designed by C. Tangana’s team. An exclusive collection inspired by the Cuban aesthetics of the “Para Repartir” videoclip.

ODSY-1000, the new sneaker fetish signed by Off-White

Off-White has just launched ODSY-1000 2.0, a fusion of designs and inspirations that shows that the chunky trend continues to reign in streetwear.

LEV Festival Gijón 2019 > We were there

Last week, LEV Festival celebrated its thirteenth edition in Gijón. That same year, in October, it will expand to the capital to be held for the first time in Matadero Madrid.

Our Legacy >>>> Pre-Fall 2019

Our Legacy’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection takes us out to dinner at a trattoria to watch the football match. A stage that comes to life in a fashion version as we would never have expected.

We defend the look of Kanye West and Frank Ocean at MET 2019

Faced with an extravagant atmosphere, the looks of Frank Ocean and Kanye West have been talked about for their simplicity and subtlety.

We talk w/ the artist and DJ Maria Forqué (aka Virgen María)

Virgen María is an aesthetic quake. The artist is a compendium of disciplines that have permeated the avant-garde scene on an international scale.