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10 firms that have disappeared in the last decade

Many brands in the fashion world have not been able to adapt to the new times and have disappeared or are about to do so. Here is a list of some of them.


We talk w/ Víctor Barragán: Redefining fashion from the inside

Barragán has arrived to redefine fashion in his own terms, bringing his well-defined personality to the main stage and making everyone love it.

Stüssy | From the streetwear roots to the high-fashion catwalk

Between psychedelic colors and wave prints we focus on Shawn Stussy: one of the pioneers of streetwear that began defining the underground aesthetics.

Compiling the trends of the decade

December is coming to an end, in a few days the circle of the second decade of the 2000s will close. We made a recap.

The future of 3D fashion through Cattytay

Cat Taylor has changed the fashion’s game in an advanced level to positioning itself as an absolute referent in that 3D universe that high-end brands are introducing into their systems.

Prada adidas

Prada x adidas: are the rumours true?

Rumor has it that a collaboration between Prada and adidas is coming. If it were true, it would be one of the most unexpected moves in the fashion system.

We talk w/ Cali Thornill DeWitt (@caramelbobby)

Cali Thornhill opens the doors to a creative universe. @caramelbobby has achieved a cultural background that has transcended the globe from top to bottom.


It’s the most important clothing company in the world and you still don’t know it

It is the fastest growing clothing company in the world in terms of stock market earnings, and may not be familiar to you.

The babushka boom

At the end of last year we already witnessed the rebirth of the babushka thanks to A$AP Rocky and his entourage of ‘babushka bois’ like Frank Ocean.

Africa: Where inspiration is born

But, besides inspiring others, whats going on in Africa in terms of fashion? Why not talking about the source of everything?

The hypersexualized man is back

It is surprising to see how the womenswear scene advances and advocates body diversity and ending sexual objectification, while the menswear universe becomes an ode to the hypersexualised man.

The ecstasy of live streaming in China

As usual in China it came three centuries earlier. The live-streaming bubble has continued to grow since its birth in 2013 to become the largest virtual commerce industry in the Asian state.

Why do shopping malls keep growing if no one actually shops there?

Shopping malls have become small miniature cities based on dynamics with a clear objective: that you spend as much time there as possible.

The return of the Oakley Eye Jacket and the omnipresence of Gabber culture

But why is Gabber style and culture being taken beyond the 1990s? The answer is that this last big subculture of the 20th century fits perfectly back into the 21st century.

The circular economy could radically change our clothing consumption

The circular economy: we tell you what it is and why it could drastically change the industry in a few years.

Police kick Banksy out of Venice Biennale

En un mensaje de instagram ayer 22 de mayo de 2019, Banksy se preguntaba por qué nunca se le ha pedido que participe en la bienal de arte de Venecia….

Bootleg isn’t a scam: it’s an art

Designs that pretend to be a forgery – bootleg – have been a trend for several years, surviving polemics and developing a magnificent exchange of codes between different…

Camp, beyond the trend

After reading many explanations about what the Camp is, and after the Met gala, it is time to go deeper into the concept.

Customize: much more than embroider your name

It seems that more and more brands are adding to the trend of customization of their clothes.

Kim Jones presents the Dior Pre-Fall 2019 campaign

Time passes quickly. It seems like yesterday when we shouted with excitement after hearing the news that Kim Jones was taking over the heels of men’s fashion in Dior.

Lacoste Wildcard transcends fashion and connects with the world of urban music

Lacoste transcends fashion and connects with the world of urban music accompanied by some of the most important producers of the emerging scene: Steve Lean, Royce Rolo, Halley and Selecta.