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Enough Christmas

The holidays are over and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Christmas is white, homely and loving, but it can also be a time of conflict and discomfort.

Gaslight or the perversity that never dies

A few days ago, over coffee with friends, the subject of exes and their ridiculous behaviour came up. And the term gaslight came up.

If you liked “Squid Game”, you have to watch these series

After positioning itself as the trending series, “Squid Game” is becoming a massive phenomenon, we propose other similar options.

Video game or catwalk?

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and change requires adaptation. The Internet has made a second reality possible.

300 people strip naked on the shores of the Dead Sea to denounce climate change

Organised by American photographer Spencer Tunick, the art installation aims to raise awareness of the falling Dead Sea.

Balenciaga becomes the most sought-after brand according to Lyst

Balenciaga snatches the top spot from Gucci in the ranking of the most sought-after brands. Find out all the details.

Lisbon Fashion Week: Streetstyles Vol.1

Last week Lisbon Fashion Week took place and HIGHXTAR once again captured the best outfits of the Portuguese capital.

Lonely on cruise ships and other stories

There is something that particularly strikes me about the fact that the richest people in the world are trying to move to another planet.

Fail, please

Sometimes it is good to stop and think. Maybe it should even be a rule of life. I bet we’d all be better people.

Hailey Bieber speaks out against her husband’s alleged abuse of her

Hailey Bieber completely denies her husband Justin Bieber’s alleged mistreatment of her, on Demi Lovato’s 4D podcast. Read more.

Carla Bruni, Karen Elson and more show their support for the models in the Marie case

Carla Bruni, Karen Elson, Helena Christensen and many others have publicly expressed their support for the models linked to the Marie case.

Stormi Webster is going to have a sibling

The rumours were true. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have confirmed they are pregnant with their second child.

Looking for deserted beaches in Benidorm

En el verano por norma nos vamos, es la estación de marcharse. Cada uno con su maleta sale de casa para ir a un “lugar mejor”.

Liu Jo sues Kendall Jenner for breach of contract

Liu Jo is suing American top model and Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kendall Jenner for breach of contract. Find out all the details.

What I think Sontag would think

Maybe it’s just my feeling, but this summer is strange, uncomfortable. It may also be due to living in a big city that empties out in summer.

DaBaby discriminates against people with HIV and gay community during Rolling Loud

The American rapper DaBaby makes a series of discriminatory remarks during his latest performance at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

Discover the latest Resort trends for 2022

Holiday collections are the focal point for many brands. That’s why we present you the resort trends for 2022. 

HIGHXTAR. Ibiza Camp 2021: Hotel Paradiso

Staying at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel meant enjoying life, drinking cocktails, dancing, having breakfast by the pool and relaxing.

Phoebe Philo vuelve a la moda

Phoebe Philo returns to fashion with her eponymous label

The rumours are confirmed: Phoebe Philo will develop her own clothing and accessories brand, partially backed by the LVMH group.

Renting clothes worse than throwing them away?

A new study reveals the harmful environmental impacts of the new trend of renting clothes, from transport to maintenance.

There is still much to do…

The history of LGBT+ advocacy is the search for safe spaces in which to exist with a full and non-violent identity.