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Tennis connects with streetwear

The infinite connection between sports culture and the z generation in the streetwear scene begins a 2019 in which tennis becomes the new inspirational reference.

POGGYTHEMAN, the new reference in men’s fashion

With his mix of street culture and traditional tailoring, Poggy has revolutionized the unwritten rules of men’s fashion and has already become a legend in the industry.

Saks Potts and the key of success

Creating space for new fashion entrepreneurs is a very positive thing, but… Will Saks Potts survive its own virality? 

Renew or die

The world of fashion is a business that must be renewed so as not to fall behind, it needs a constant advance, updating and adaptation to new technologies.

Reviving the bad taste: Y2K is back

We have already brought back the 80s and 90s, now it is time to relive the principles of the 2000s, the era of bad taste. The Y2K aesthetic has arrived and not just our wardrobe.

How “The Simple Life” changed the celebrity culture and laid the blueprint for the Instagram era

This is how Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie opened the doors of the culture of the present fifteen years ago.

Hajime Sorayama | Do androids dream of the latest Dior collection?

Attendees of the last Dior Homme show were greeted by a 12-meter-high robot signed by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama.

The boom of the suburbs

We have recovered what we considered ordinary in the 2000s and we have raised it to the maximum power. We analyze the phenomenon of the triumph of the vulgar.

Perhaps Raf Simons’ 10 most iconic pieces

Over the years Raf Simons has designed incredible pieces and it is undeniable that he is one of the most influential designers of the Fashion System. Here are his most iconic works.

The ultra-high speed fashion version 4.0

Every week a garment, a colour, an accessory, a print, a fabric or a pair of sneakers that carry infinite marketing stamps behind them is a trend.

Ode to the pink. The most controversial color in history

Barbie pink, baby pink, gum pink, pastel pink… There is even the millennial rose. Its connotations have varied a lot throughout history… Many will surprise you.

The new bible of fashion is no longer Vogue: it’s Instagram

Instagram has radically transformed the way in which trends are created and has replaced printed magazines as the main method within the public is informed about fashion.

Is the streetwear bubble about to burst?

We reflect on the rise of streetwear and how the cycle could be closing and coming to an end as well as the bitcoin or trap that are in maximum alert.

All that you need to know about fur free movement

Fashion as a mirror of society has now seen the awakening of global consciousness through the anti-fur or fur free movement in which firms say ‘no’ to the use of fur and animal abuse.

Why some star designers refuse to have their own label?

Some world-renowned designers have decided to keep working for a particular brand instead of launching their own. We’ll tell you why.

Understanding the Lo Life movement | Love & Loyalty

In the bronx of the 80’s the brand Polo Ralph Lauren reached ecstasy. Thus a new religion was born that connected hip hop with fashion, venerated by the freshest ghetto.

Kim Jones: “Streetwear is over”

Recently in an interview Mr. Kim Jones – creative director of Dior – has declared that the streetwear is over.

Supreme’s secret

How has Supreme, that until a few years ago was only known by a community of New York skaters, achieved selling a brick with the brand’s logo for nine hundred euros?

Alexander McQueen, boom and collapse of a genius

It often happens with the great geniuses of wild art and unheard of creations that his personal life turns out to follow the same provocative and sparkling line as his works: McQueen was one of those geniuses.

Aaliyah Rosales | The internet’s muse

Aaliyah Rosales: always free, without labels, without gender and with an experimental personality that reinvents herself on the basis of folklore and the contemporary on the Internet.

Claudia Maté | The real net artist

Claudia Maté, the digital artist who takes net art to another dimension through render, 3D, sounds and GIFS. *floating mood*