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Banksy risks losing the rights to his work because he is anonymous

A greeting card company wins a legal case that allows them to replicate his work on their products because Banksy “is nobody”.


Is Former Art Attack’s host the real Banksy?

2020 what a year. A Twitter user could have solved one of the great mysteries of the art world: Banksy’s identity.

Bansky raises funds for a children’s hospital

Bansky has donated his triptych “View of the Mediterranean Sea 2017” and the funds raised will be donated to the Bethlehem Children’s Hospital in Palestine.


Banksy’s work removed from a London train

The most famous urban artist Banksy has posed as a professional cleaner to claim the use of the masks in a London Underground car.

Banksy reaparece

Banksy reappears to support #BlackLivesMatter

British street art icon Banksy has resurfaced, publishing a new work on Instagram in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Banksy illustrates a common feeling in his new work

Banksy shares in his Instagram account a sheet he has entitled Game Changer, which praises the work of health workers in front of the Covid-19.

Banksy celebrates love with a new piece in Bristol

Banksy confirmed that the graffiti that appeared overnight on the side of a house in Barton Hill, Bristol is his.

Former Banksy agent publishes unpublished images of the artist

Banksy has promoted the concept of graffiti art, seconded as vandalism and persecuted by law. Now, his ex-agent filters unpublished images.

Banksy launches its long-awaited online shop at low-cost prices

The artist’s elusive online store, Gross Domestic Product, is now open to the public. But shopping in it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Banksy’s “Devolved Parliament” sold for 11 million euros

An oil painting by the artist Banksy showing the British House of Commons full of chimpanzees was sold in London for 9.8 million pounds (11 million euros).

Police kick Banksy out of Venice Biennale

En un mensaje de instagram ayer 22 de mayo de 2019, Banksy se preguntaba por qué nunca se le ha pedido que participe en la bienal de arte de Venecia….