Author: Sandra López

What I think Sontag would think

Maybe it’s just my feeling, but this summer is strange, uncomfortable. It may also be due to living in a big city that empties out in summer.

It’s time to leave Lolita

When I think of Lolita, I think of a landscape of overwhelming warmth, with hints of citrus and, above all, overflowing sexuality.

There is still much to do…

The history of LGBT+ advocacy is the search for safe spaces in which to exist with a full and non-violent identity.

Talking w/ Carolina Lindberg

We talked to Carolina Lindberg, the Spanish artist and designer based in London who has illustrated the latest album by Miguel

Sideguise: revindication through the dirty

The independent magazine Sideguise, which collects works by young artists, presents its new issue with a central idea: the dirty.

Pradiauto: from car workshop to exhibition space

We accompanied Sofía Corrales Akerman and Vera Martín Zelich, curators of Pradiauto, at the closing of their exhibition named ‘Hot Links’.

What we are afraid of

Horror movies are a clue to know which are the fears that keep us awake at night. Just as society is constantly changing.


The violent face of dating apps

La deshumanización de las redes sociales, sobre todo en las apps para ligar, lleva en muchas ocasiones a situaciones de violencia extrema.

A stealth change: why you can’t read anymore

It is not that we read less, it is that we read differently, and it is the consequence of our brain having been modified to adapt to change.

Nubes china

Cloud seeding: China’s weather change plan

Last December, alarm bells rang when China announced its climate change project, consisting of seeding clouds over a large part of its territory.

Sisters with Transistors, the documentary about the pioneers of electronic music

Sisters with Transistors is Lisa Rovner’s documentary that tells the origin of electronic music through the stories of its pioneers.

What can happen tomorrow at the Capitol

Biden’s presidency begins in the climate of tension caused by the recent protests in the capital. Tomorrow the inauguration of the government will be celebrated

If you don’t wiggle, don’t call

The magazine, the Mansion and the bunny ears are just the tip of the iceberg of the media empire that managed to shape an entire generation.

Black Friday, a black day for the planet

Black Friday arrives and several brands have joined the movement against unbridled consumerism that dictate by discounts.

Look up ‘’skinny legend’’ in the dictionary

This phenomenon is not as simple as using a few words we have seen on the networks, it goes beyond that.