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Estación Espacial Internacional

NASA to turn the ISS into a private destination for travelers

NASA is planning to turn the International Space Station into a private destination for future travellers.

The next solar storm could cause the Internet to collapse

According to scientific confirmation, a major solar storm could result in a technological apocalypse.

NASA planea visitar la cara oculta de la luna

NASA is planning to visit the dark side of the Moon

With the idea of advancing our understanding of Earth’s closest neighbour, NASA is planning a mission to the far side of the Moon.

El espacio como nueva estrategia de marketing

Space enters the marketing atmosphere

Among other latent trends such as NFTs, space marketing is rising to skyrocketing levels. We talk about it.

Audio clip recorded for the first time on Mars

An audio clip has been recorded on Mars for the first time thanks to the work done by Mars Ingenuity and the rover.


NASA discovers a “diamond necklace” 15,000 light-years away

NASA has been able to unveil, thanks to its Hubble space telescope, new images of the “diamond necklace of cosmic proportions”.

Ciencia ficción

This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not

Black holes are increasingly moving away from the frontiers of science fiction to be based on real studies, M87 is the proof.


Are we alone in the universe? NASA is getting closer to answering the question

NASA has reported that the TESS satellite has just detected at least 2,200 exoplanets of which hundreds could be Earth-like.

NASA x LEGO Discovery Kit

NASA and LEGO create a Space Shuttle Discovery kit

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and LEGO present a kit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle flight.


An asteroid will pass in front of the Earth today

Apophis is the name of the asteroid that will approach us today. And it will not be the first time it visits us, it will return in 2029.


World’s first space hotel to open in 2027

Voyager Station will be the first luxury hotel built in space. It will have libraries, cinemas, gyms and bars overlooking the Earth.

The secret message of Perseverance sent to Mars

The first images of the red planet sent to us by the Perseverance rover, including an encrypted message, are now coming to light. 

Now you can build your own Saturn V with LEGO

This reproduction of Saturn V has more than 1,900 pieces and three small astronauts with which you will relive the lunar landing.

Oreo builds a bunker to protect its famous recipe

Oreo has built a large Oreo Global Vault as a bunker to protect its famous recipe from the possible impact of asteroid 2018 VP1. 

NASA has discovered water on the Moon

For the first time in history, NASA has discovered water on the sunlit surface of the moon thanks to SOFIA.

NASA will build Internet on the Moon

NASA has announced its plans to establish Internet on the moon in order to be in contact with all the space bases.

Thanks to Eau de Space we know how space smells

When you think about space, you’d never imagine it smells like burnt meat, raspberry and rum.But it does, or so say the NASA astronauts who have been interviewed to create the fragrance Eau the Space. 

NASA pays you to spend eight months on a Mars simulation

NASA is looking for people who want to participate in its next simulation which will last from 4 to 12 months. Maybe they’re looking for you.

G-SHOCK pays tribute to NASA

G-SHOCK pays tribute to NASA with its latest DW-5600 watch design.

Heron Preston FW18 | Public Figure

The American designer presents us with a collection that, a priori, may seem scattered but has all the coherence within Heron Preston’s imaginary.