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A Night at the Opera: Burberry and Marina Abramović

Burberry has designed all the costumes for the original opera “The 7 deaths of Maria Callas” by Serbian artist Marina Abramović.

Luther King

57 years later, Martin Luther King’s dream has not yet been fulfilled

Martin Luther King pronounced “I have a dream” in 1963, 57 years later it is necessary to remember the dream of tolerance and respect.

Donatella Versace will not testify in a plagiarism trial

Donatella Versace will not have to testify in the lawsuit she filed against Nova Fashion for plagiarism of her dress and print.

Could you get arrested for your TikTok videos?

Two stars of the social network TikTok have been arrested and charged in Egypt for violating Egyptian family values and inciting debauchery.

María Donosti

Walking around Donosti with María Simún

María Simún gives us a photo session with some pieces of her Simun Basic line in the Basque city of Donosti.

Yung Beef announces two new mixtapes and advances two songs

Yung Beef in the middle of summer announces two new mixtapes: “Smiles” and “Tears”. And he celebrates with two hits: “Panther” and “Accept it”.

Damien joins María Escarmiento with “Dive”

María Escarmiento after releasing the EP “Sintiéndolo Mucho” returns with “Dive”, a summer hit that she shares with her friend Damien.

Is the United States on the verge of a constitutional crisis?

The United States is once again in the spotlight because of police controversy following the arrest of BLM activist Tianna Arata.

Marina Abramović thinks we’ve lost the will to laugh

Serbian conceptual artist Marina Abramović says that the society of 2020 is losing the sense of humour that so characterises us.

Grandparents Chang are revolutionizing Instagram with their looks

Grandma and Grandpa Chang are revolutionizing Instagram with their stylings from the clothes people forgot in their laundry in Taiwan.

Marni reopens the debate on racism in fashion

Marni, the Italian firm is forced to withdraw its latest lookbook and apologize after being accused of racism for its anti-black culture aesthetics.

Is Virgil Abloh’s Off-White boom over?

Off-White drops to second place on the Lyst platform’s list of the top 20 most popular brands in the last quarter and Nike takes the lead.

Bimba & Lola presents 9 Rings Collection

The Spanish brand, Bimba y Lola presents 9 Rings Collection a new range of ideal and great accessories for any look of summer 2020.

You may run out of PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will hit the market next November 2020, but video game lovers could be left without it.

What does Rosalia have that the others don’t?

Rosalía has not ceased to surprise us since she came into our lives in 2018 with the album “El mal querer” and her single “Malamente”.

Hello Sasy makes its way onto the music scene with “After in the Pool”

Hello Sasy the new promise of the agency Ladradora releases a new mix, “After in the pool” that evokes the after a night of partying.

Gucci unites digital art and time in one incredible accessory

Gucci has launched a project for its G-Timeless automatic watch in which it has invited visual artists from around the world.

This is the touching reason why Kim Jones and Africa

Kim Jones is inspired by Africa for Dior’s SS21 collection by her father who inherited his love for the continent.

Would you like to see McQueen’s 1992 graduate project?

John Matheson and Yoox Net-A-Porter are preparing for The Runway Collection a project where you can see Alexander McQueen’s 1992 graduate project.

“Masks for music” to the rescue of the industry

Masks For Music is an idea that emerged as a means to save the music industry from the economic crisis resulting from the Covid pandemic.

Could fashion end social problems?

The fashion industry can be a solution to social problems when it puts its interests aside as the Ni En More initiative.