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Daft Punk

Bad news for music: Daft Punk dissolves

Daft Punk have announced on Monday their definitive separation, after almost 28 years of career and millions of records sold.

Johnny Garso

We talk W/ Johnny Garso

We talked to Johnny Garso, the rock and roll star of the national music scene, if you don’t know him yet, don’t miss it.

Joshua Vides

Ballantine’s introduces a bottle designed by Joshua Vides

Los Angeles-based monochromatic artist Joshua Vides designs the new limited edition Ballantine’s with a neo-noir comic book aesthetic.


Camper presents the “Made to Walk Again” collection

Camper is launching a ReCrafted collection that aims to give a second life to second-hand shoes that have been discarded due to defects.


Want more engaging content on your Instagram?

If you want to succeed on Instagram you must have quality content, but if you are not a photographer, XOX is your perfect audiovisual agency.

bimba y lola

Valentine’s Day is here, Bimba y Lola is here!

Bimba and Lola launch a new collection of clothing and accessories for the special day of lovers together with Harry Freegard.


Take a look at Ikea’s first rolling mini-home

Ikea presents “Tiny Home”, its first rolling mini-cottage of one hundred percent sustainable production of 17 square metres for 52,000 euros.


The spectacular location of Inditex’s next shops in Madrid

The Galician group Inditex wants to locate two new shops, Pull&Bear and Lefties in the ground floor of the RIU hotel in Plaza España in Madrid.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the 90’s King of Pop is back

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop of the 90s is back thanks to the PureArts company paying homage to his iconic dance step.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster, the brand ambassador for futuristic eyewear

Seoul-based Gentle Monster has just unveiled the “Unopened: the probe” campaign for its super futuristic eyewear collection.


Weekday, a return to the 2000s

H&M’s echo brand Weekday presents a collection inspired by the culture, aesthetics and music scene of the 2000s.

Moschino FW21

Moschino Menswear FW21, the fusion of reality and imagination

Moschino Menswear FW 2021 is a fusion between two worlds, the dream world and the real world that we have all constructed due to the quarantine of 2020.


Will we remember the festivals as “that” that never came back?

We will lose supply at festivals due to the little hope of reopening their doors in the summer of 2021, the vaccine the light at the end of the tunnel.

Converse x Concepts raises the roots of basketball

Converse x Concepts is an ode to the earliest history of basketball that was born 130 years ago in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Comerte entera

And 2021 arrived with “Eat you whole” by C. Tangana

“Comerte entera” is the new theme with which C. Tangana, El Madrileño opens in 2021. Reinventing sounds that leave no one indifferent.


Skepta and Nike’s brand new fifth air max unveiled

The rumours that emerged in 2019 are finally being revealed and we can take a look at the Air Max Tailwind V SK Air 5 silhouette that arrives in 2021.

5k Dell

Welcome to 5K technology

Dell has just revolutionised the market with its new UltraSharp 40 Curved 5K computer screen which will arrive on 28 January.

Five surprising fashion moments that sum up 2020

2020 has been a strange year, yet life has continued and the world of fashion has taken unexpected turns that we review today.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton presents its 2021 Pre-Fall Men’s Collection

The French house Louis Vuitton presents its men’s collection for the autumn pre-season 2021, unifying the formal and relaxed.

Pepa Salazar

We talk w/ Pepa Salazar

Today we spoke with designer Pepa Salazar about her concerns, her new collection and how she sees the future of the fashion industry.

Antonio Hernández makes his debut with “Me enamoré” with Omar Montes

Antonio Hernández “el niño del fuego” makes his debut with the song “Me enamoré” alongside Omar Montes, the most listened to male artist of 2020.