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Comerte entera

And 2021 arrived with “Eat you whole” by C. Tangana

“Comerte entera” is the new theme with which C. Tangana, El Madrileño opens in 2021. Reinventing sounds that leave no one indifferent.


Skepta and Nike’s brand new fifth air max unveiled

The rumours that emerged in 2019 are finally being revealed and we can take a look at the Air Max Tailwind V SK Air 5 silhouette that arrives in 2021.

5k Dell

Welcome to 5K technology

Dell has just revolutionised the market with its new UltraSharp 40 Curved 5K computer screen which will arrive on 28 January.

Five surprising fashion moments that sum up 2020

2020 has been a strange year, yet life has continued and the world of fashion has taken unexpected turns that we review today.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton presents its 2021 Pre-Fall Men’s Collection

The French house Louis Vuitton presents its men’s collection for the autumn pre-season 2021, unifying the formal and relaxed.

Pepa Salazar

We talk w/ Pepa Salazar

Today we spoke with designer Pepa Salazar about her concerns, her new collection and how she sees the future of the fashion industry.

Antonio Hernández makes his debut with “Me enamoré” with Omar Montes

Antonio Hernández “el niño del fuego” makes his debut with the song “Me enamoré” alongside Omar Montes, the most listened to male artist of 2020.


The Unexpected Future of Crocs Footwear

Crocs seafaring clogs have established themselves in the fashion world as a cult product thanks to their unattractive appearance.

Balenciaga AW21

Is Balenciaga’s proposal and its virtual game original?

Afterword: The Age of Tomorrow is the title of the video game that Balenciaga has used to present the AW21 collection.

Lunay Nicki Nicole

Lunay and Nicki Nicole in an exclusive concert thanks to Pull&Bear

On Saturday, exclusively at the IGTV in Pullandbear, there will be a concert by two of the most important artists: Lunay and Nicki Nicole.

Reebok Victoria Beckham

“Drop Four” is the last drop from Reebok and Victoria Beckham

Reebok and Victoria Beckham are once again teaming up to launch their new joint work “Drop Four” which combines versatility and functionality.

Polar Skate Co.

Don’t let the cold stop you, Polar Skate Co. FW20

The Swedish firm, Polar Skate Co. presents its new lookbook for the winter 2020 together with the British skater Jamie Pratt.

Los Simpsons

Can you imagine the Simpsons’ scenarios in pure Wes Anderson style?

The animated stages of the “Simpsons” series become real spaces designed and decorated in the purest Wes Anderson style.


The best brunches in Barcelona are back!

The gastronomic establishments of the city of Barcelona open their doors again after several weeks of closure by Covid. The brunches are already here.

Avnier x Saint James

Avnier x Saint James, streetwear and French maritime-chic style

Avnier x Saint James is a collaboration of French brands that combine all the streetwear style with seafaring sophistication.

Etnia Barcelona

Ignasi Monreal x Etnia Barcelona, the eyewear collection of the moment

Barcelona and Ignasi Monreal are joining forces in an eyewear collection with a natural acetate model and a mineral glass lens.

Chico Blanco

Chico Blanco and the good vibes of “Positif Siempre”

Chico Blanco is back with his new track “Positif Siempre”, raising the old-fashioned electronics of the future to its highest level.


The Klein Vision Aircar now flies

The flying car, Aircar from the Slovak company Klein Vision has successfully taken off and landed at Piestany airport.

“The Prince of Bel Air” celebrates his 30th birthday with a family reunion

The American sitcom “The Prince of Bel Air” returns on 19 November for its 30th anniversary with a reunion of the original cast.

Super Bowl

Meet the artist who will lead the Super Bowl 2021 half-time

The Canadian artist, The Weeknd will be in charge of the half time show of the 55th edition of the Super Bowl.


Inditex closes the first Zara that opened in Madrid

Madrid bids farewell to the emblematic Zara shop located at Calle Carretas 6, the first to begin the expansion of the textile company, Inditex.